Call to Action | 38th Anniversary of the Israeli Occupation of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem

June 5th, 2005

June 5, 2005 marks the 38th anniversary of the illegal Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem.  The US Campaign is calling on groups around the country to commemorate the anniversary of the occupation by educating local communities about Israel’s Wall and its impact on the Palestinian people.  The US Campaign has just released a new fact sheet on the Wall that you can use for education in your community.  


1. Participate in a national letter-writing campaign. In the days leading up to June 5th, monitor your local paper, radio, and TV stations, and work with members of your group to monitor the national media. By Friday June 3rd, write a letter to the editor to your chosen media outlet that refers to some news item they've just carried on the Middle East.  You can mention:

- the 38th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem
- the responsibility of US policy in  sustaining the occupation through military aid and vetoes at the UN,
- the role of corporations like CAT and arms manufacturers in providing the equipment that demolishes Palestinian homes and destroys Palestinian lives.
- Call for a US policy that supports justice and peace in Palestine and Israel based on international law and UN resolutions.

Draw on US Campaign fact sheets:

For Cementing the Occupation:  Israell's Illegal Wall Puts Palestine Behind Bars click here
For Illegal and Ill-Advised: US Policy Towards Israel click here
For Ending the Occupation: It's the Law click here

...but use your own words and keep it short! Let's get the message out there!

Palestine Media Watch provides tips on letter writing at and print media contacts to assist you in your letter writing campaign.
Click here for letter writing tips
Click here for print media contacts

Send us your letters!  Once you’ve written and submitted your letters to the local newspaper, send them to us and we’ll post them online to share with others.  Please send your letters to and include your name, your organization (if applicable), and the newspaper(s) to which you submitted your letter.

2. Organize a teach-in and place a special educational emphasis on the Wall. If you would like a US Campaign steering committee member or staff person to conduct a teach-in for your community on June 5th, email  Be sure to post teach-ins and other events on the US Campaign’s Online Calendar