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Campaign Proposal Guidelines

On Saturday, July 30 voting delegates to the 4th National Organizers’ Conference will vote on a single, national campaign for US Campaign staff and member organizations to devote significant staff, resources, and time for a minimum of one year.
By asking you to vote for a single campaign we are not asking members to abandon the very important work that is already being done within each of your groups.  Rather, we are asking you to identify one national campaign that is based on at least one of our five educational priorities for US Campaign staff to help develop and support that will compliment the local work that is already being done.  We have learned many lessons in the last year about our capacity to manage projects and participate in campaigns, and while we are committed to continuing to support all of the taskforces and educational priorities, we also realize that collectively identifying a single, national campaign is a necessity at this time. 
We welcome member organizations to submit campaign proposals to be considered by our membership.  Campaign proposals will be posted on the US Campaign website as they are received prior to the national conference and included in conference packets during the conference.  Sponsors of each proposal will be given time to present their respective proposal to the membership. 
Please read instructions and criteria carefully before submitting campaign proposals.  Proposals that do not follow instructions and criteria will automatically be withdrawn. 
  • Deadline for proposals submissions is 5:00 pm EST on Friday, July 15th.  Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered


  •  Proposals will only be accepted from member groups and organizations that are in “good standing” with the US Campaign, i.e. those that have paid annual dues for 2005.  Click here to learn more about membership with the US Campaign. 
  • We will only accept proposals for locally- or nationally-based campaigns that have already been launched or are in the process of being launched.


  • Campaign proposals must fit into at least one of the five educational priority areas that US Campaign membership voted for in 2004.  The educational priority areas are: The Right of Return, Divestment, Caterpillar, The Wall, The Dual Occupations of Iraq and Palestine. 
  • Proposals for campaigns must be able to dovetail with the five action-oriented taskforces that already exist: Media Advocacy, Legislative Advocacy, Nonviolent Direct Action, Resources, and Outreach.  It is within these taskforces that the bulk of the work for any campaign will happen.
  • The US Campaign encourages member groups to submit campaign proposals jointly. 

Please use the following format to submit your proposal.  Send all campaign proposals to Kymberlie Quong Charles at outreach@endtheoccupation.org no later than 5pm EST on Friday, July 15thFor questions contact Kymberlie at the above address or at 202-543-1778. 
a) Sponsoring Organization(s):
b) Campaign Title:
c) Brief description including current work and the ultimate goal of this campaign:
d) Groups and organizations currently working on this campaign:
e) How does this campaign relate to ending US support for Israel’s occupation:
f) Explain ways in which the five action-oriented taskforces will support this campaign.
1)      Media Advocacy
2)      Legislative Advocacy
3)      Nonviolent Direct Action
4)      Resources
5)      Outreach
g) What are measures of success for this campaign?  In other words, what marks a “win” for this campaign? 
h) What kind of support (staff, resources, financial) does this campaign require from US Campaign staff?  What kind of support does this campaign require from members of the US Campaign? 
Please do your best to keep your responses brief and concise to help minimize our paper waste and copying costs.  Thank you.