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Steering Committee Nominations

The Steering Committee is the highest decision making body of the US Campaign between annual conferences.  It is responsible for policy decisions, strategic planning, fundraising, and personnel decisions. 
The Steering Committee is comprised of twelve volunteers who are elected by our membership annually to serve a three-year term.  At each National Organizers’ Conference, at least four members of the Steering Committee step down to allow for new members to be elected.
Members of the Steering Committee are expected to:
·        Participate in monthly conference calls with US Campaign staff
·        Attend two face-to-face meetings each year
·        Phone bank member organizations during fundraising and membership drives
·        Work with staff and Steering Committee members on other fundraising initiatives
Other Steering Committee activities may include:
  • Facilitating one of the US Campaign’s action-oriented taskforces
  • Representing the US Campaign at national and international conference and meetings
  • Resource production
We welcome our membership to nominate individuals to run in the 2005 Steering Committee election.  All nominees must be members of organizations or individual members that are in “good standing” with the US Campaign.  Click here for more information about membership with the US Campaign. 
NB:The new Steering Committee of the US Campaign will meet after the National Organizers Conference at the American Friends Service Committee on Sunday, July 31st at 7pm and on Monday, August 1st at 9am.  Nominees should make arrangements to be available for these initial meetings.  

Please use the following format to submit your Steering Committee nomination.  Send all Steering Committee nominations to Kymberlie Quong Charles at outreach@endtheoccupation.org.  All e-mail nominations must be received by 5pm EST, Monday, July 25th (we will continue receiving nominations during the conference).  For questions about the Steering Committee or the nominations process contact Kymberlie at the above address or at 202-543-1778.
Nominee’s Name:
Nominee’s Organization (if applicable):
Racial/Ethnic Identity:
Why should the nominee be elected to the Steering Committee of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (maximum 5 lines)?
Please describe the nominee’s experience and background in grassroots activism, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, US policy, fundraising, and other skills and knowledge (maximum 10 lines). 

Your Name:
Your Organization:
Your Phone Number (for US Campaign use only):