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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where is the 4th National Organizersí Conference taking place?
A: The 4th National Organizersí Conference will take place at the Student Center on the downtown Atlanta campus of Georgia State University
Q:  How much is registration, and what does it include?
A: Registration is $60.00 per person and includes entrance into all conference forums, 2005 conference packet, morning coffee/tea/juice on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and entrance to the Palestinian Hip Hop Concert.  Click here to register and pay online.
Q:  Are there scholarships available for people who are unable to cover the registration fee?
A:  Yes!  No one will be turned away from this conference for lack of means.  Please contact Kymberlie Quong Charles at outreach@endtheoccupation.org or call 202-543-1778 for more information about scholarships.
Q:  Will the US Campaign arrange accommodations for conference participants?
A:  Conference participants are responsible for their own lodging and transportation while in Atlanta.  Please visit the Logistics page for information on local hotels where the US Campaign has arranged for special rates for conference participants. 
Q: Who is allowed to vote at the National Organizersí Conference?
A: Each member organization that is in good standing with the US Campaign is allowed two voting delegates for the conference.  Individuals who are not affiliated with a member group of the US Campaign are not allowed to vote.
Q:  What does it mean to be in good standing with the US Campaign?
A:  Good standing means that your organization has paid its membership dues for 2005.  The recommended contribution for organizational dues is between $100 and $1,000 per year, depending on the size of your organization and your budget.  If you have not paid dues for 2005, click here to make your contribution online.  NB: Membership dues must be paid by Wednesday, July 27th to get voting privileges at the National Organizers Conference.  If you are unsure whether your organization has paid 2005 membership dues contact Kymberlie Quong Charles at outreach@endtheoccupation.org or call 202-543-1778.
Q: How do I submit campaign proposals to be voted on at the national conference?
A: Please visit Campaign Proposals for information on how to submit proposals.  
Q:  How do I nominate someone to run for the Steering Committee?
A:  Please visit Steering Committee Nominations for more information. 

Q:  Can my organization table at the National Conference?

A:  Please visit Tabling for more information.
Q:  What is there to do in downtown Atlanta?
A:  Georgia State University is located within walking distance to Atlanta Underground, a popular historic site that is now also home to more than 100 vendors and restaurants.  You can also visit Atlanta Travel Guide and City of Atlanta Online for other attractions.