National Days of Action


Protest at CAT Annual Shareholder Meeting a Huge Success!

Protesters gathered this year inside and outside the Annual Caterpillar Shareholder Meeting on June 13 in St. Charles, IL.  Though the meeting took place in a remote location with high security, activists shut down the meeting inside and made a strong showing outside with their clarion call: 'Take Responsibility and Do the Right Thing!'

Click here for full story recounted by activist, Joe Carr

Click here for full text of Sydney Levy's speech 

Protesters Outside the Q Center, St. Charles, IL


Protests on the 4th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie's Death...

March 16, 2007: This year marks the fourth anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie.  Through street drama, vigils, demonstrations, readings of Rachel's words, and protests in front of CAT distributors USC member groups across the United States honored Rachel's life and sacrifice.


Boston to Palestine - Boston, MA

On March 17th, a large group of Boston College students and others participated in a dramatic street theater presentation and protest at the New England Israeli Consulate building. The group drew attention to the Apartheid Wall and Israel's continuing illegal military occupation on the 4th anniversary of the killing of American peace activist Rachel Corrie.

International Solidarity Movement - Chicago, IL

On March 16th the Chicago Chapter of the International Solidarity Movement held a demonstration at the Israeli Consulate.

Palestine Solidarity Committee - Seattle, WA

On Friday, March 16, 2007, Ed tells us that people gathered in Seattle, where ‘many stood in silent vigil with tears-of-blood masks, holding photographs and silhouettes, remembering not just Rachel but the thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel’s military occupation, including 11 Palestinians who have been killed while participating in nonviolent resistance against Israel’s Annexation Wall...'

In observation of the fourth anniversary of Rachel’s death, the Theatersquad and Palestine Solidarity Committee-Seattle presented public readings of passages from Rachel Corrie’s writings outdoors in downtown Seattle in and around WestlakePlaza.  This year's event included theatrical masks and props as well as music by local celebrity Jim Page and others.  The event was also sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace/Puget Sound and the Seattle International Human Rights Coalition.



March 16, 2006: On the third anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s murder, USC member groups nationally prepared programs, vigils, readings of Rachel’s letters, and protests in front of CAT distributors. Click here to read about actions that took place nationally.

June 14, 2006: A shareholder resolution calling for Caterpillar to separate the roles of CEO and board Chairperson received a 27% vote (subject to validation) at the annual shareholder meeting in Chicago, winning the support of mainstream investors such as CalPERS, the world’s largest pension fund. Click here to read how controversy over CAT bulldozer sales to Israel dominated the shareholder meeting this year.