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Grassroots Training Institute 2006

***To watch the workshops you must have Quicktime 7.0. To download it for free, click here.

Media: The New Frontier of Internet-Based Tools for Communicating and Public Relations 101—Getting into the Corporate Media


led by Mahaba Abbas Alwazir, Imagine-Life, and Cecilie Surasky, Jewish Voice for Peace

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led William Youmans and Matt Horton, Divestment Support Committee

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Building Organizations, Coalitions, and Action Campaigns

led by Hany Khalil, United for Peace and Justice

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led by Stephanie Roth, Klein & Roth Consulting

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Putting Technology to Work for Palestinian Activism

led by Abraham Greenhouse, Palestine Freedom Project

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Congressional Advocacy

led by Josh Ruebner,US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

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