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Occupation End Notes | January 18, 2007
Volume 4 Number 8

* January 27th, 2007: The US Campaign would like to put out a call for Volunteers to help distribute and gather 25,000 postcards and fliers announcing the June 10th Mobilization during the UFPJ March on Washington on January 27th.  The postcards also include political demands which we plan on submitting to Congress, so we need to get them signed and returned to us as well. If you would like to volunteer to get signatures at the March, please write to office@endtheoccupation.org

* January 28th, 2007: Join Josh Ruebner and Noura Erakat for Congressional Advocacy Day

US Campaign’s Josh Ruebner and Noura Erakat will be giving teach-ins on January 28th as part of UFPJ’s Congressional Advocacy Day:

9:30-10:30AM: Mobilize for the 40th Anniversary of Israeli Occupation

Location: Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School, 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD.

Convenient to the Bethesda Metro Station on the red line metro (please check www.wmata.com for public transportation options).

Led by Josh Ruebner, Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

On June 10-11, 2007, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and UFPJ are sponsoring a mobilization in Washington, DC to protest the 40th anniversary of Israel’s illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

The mobilization will include a massive protest, large-scale teach-in, and grassroots lobbying day.  It is expected to be the largest ever mobilization in the United States in support of Palestinian human rights and a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Come to this session to find out more about these plans and how you and/or your organization can get involved with this historic mobilization.

Click here for more information about the mobilization.

10:30-11:30AM: Israeli Apartheid: Is Jimmy Carter Right?

Location: Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School, 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD.

Convenient to the Bethesda Metro Station on the red line metro (please check www.wmata.com for public transportation options).

Led by Noura Erakat, National Grassroots Organizer/Legal Advocate, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Former President Jimmy Carter has stirred up controversy with his new book entitled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”.  In it, Carter claims that Israel is pursuing apartheid policies in the West Bank.

This workshop will examine Israel’s policies toward the Palestinian people—living under military occupation in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip; as second-class citizens of Israel; and as refugees—using an anti-apartheid frame of reference.

The US Campaign will distribute fact sheets and other resources at this workshop for you to use in your communities to educate people about the apartheid nature of Israeli policies toward Palestinians.

* June 10th -11th, 2007: The World Says NO to Israeli Occupation!

Mobilization in Washington, DC

On June 10-11, 2007, the US Campaign and United for Peace and Justice are sponsoring a two-day mobilization in Washington, DC to protest the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.  Under the banner, "The World Says No to Israeli Occupation", the US Campaign and UFPJ will hold a massive rally, teach-in, and grassroots lobbying day.  Get involved today! Click here to see what you can do!

Your tax-deductible donation will strengthen our work this year. We have some really exciting plans for 2007. This month, we'll be launching our new anti-apartheid framework and plans for a huge demonstration in Washington, DC to protest the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem in June. But we can't do it without your support, so please donate today!

* US Campaign in the News: Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) article in response to the January 10th announcement of the June 10th Mobilization.

* Thanks to the generosity of you—our supporters—the US Campaign has replanted over 1000 trees in Palestine through our friends at Zatoun during this holiday season.

* For a limited time, we also have in stock a beautiful 2007 wall calendar entitled "The Exodus & the Odyssey". The calendars feature reproductions of the works of Palestinian artist Tamam Al-Akhal.

The calendar makes a great holiday gift item. We're selling copies of the calendar for $20 each, which includes shipping and handling. To order, click here.

 * The US Campaign issued an action alert and press advisory coinciding with the publication of former President Jimmy Carter’s new book entitled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. 

Click here for ideas on how you can use Carter’s new book to raise awareness in the United States of Israel’s apartheid policies toward Palestinians.




* January 27th, 2007: UFPJ’s Bring the Mandate for Peace to Washington DC Rally and March

Join United for Peace and Justice in a massive march on Washington, D.C., on Saturday, January 27, to call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war.

On Mon., January 29, we'll take our message directly to individual members of the Congress during our Congressional Education Day.

Click here to see what you can do to make this a success!

*January 27th, 2007: FEEDER MARCH: Contingent for Justice in the Middle East: Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon

The Contingent will be gathering at 9th and 0 St, NW at 11 am on January 27th. We will then proceed to walk down 7th Street through Chinatown (where there will be significant traffic on Saturday) to the Capitol where folks will be gathering for the UFPJ rally east of the Capitol.

Supported by: Coalition for Justice and Accountability, Adalah-NY, Palestinian American Congress, and Connecticut United for Peace http://tinyurl.com/ybxnsl

* The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation would like to highlight to its member groups an accomplishment of Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights (AUPHR), a member group, that has recently published a book now available on Amazon called “Dangerous Omissions: How US Media Perpetuate the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”.

A brief book description: “The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is at the center of one of the most strategically important regions of the world. For anyone who has looked at the headlines, stories and editorials on Palestine-Israel and wondered what they were missing, this book has the irrefutable answers. Through a yearlong study of a major American newspaper, readers will learn how the news and editorial coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict falls far short of numerous journalistic standards. Dangerous Omissions is must reading for those concerned with peace, justice, and that bastion of democracy, a free press.”


* Tell Amazon.com to Treat Carter’s Book Fairly

Online giant favors hostile review, omits former president's latest book from bestseller list

Berkeley, CA – More than 10,000 customers of Amazon.com signed an online petition threatening to close their accounts and take their business elsewhere if the Internet shopping site continues to present a new book by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in an unusually negative light. Read the petition in full here: http:///www.petitiononline.com/Amazon07/ 

The petition, posted at http://www.petitiononline.com/Amazon07 accuses Amazon of treating Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid unfairly by posting a lengthy and unabashedly hostile review on the page where it lists the book, in a section normally reserved for short, even-handed descriptions of the title in question.

* January 18th – 31st, February 1st – 9th, 2007: 22 City Tour with Combatants for Peace

Brit Tzedek v'Shalom is pleased to announce that our 22-city speaking tour with Combatants for Peace  will launch today in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour will then proceed to metropolitan areas across the country: Raleigh, New York City, Philadelphia, New Haven, Bridgeport, Amherst, Albany, Providence, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Portland, Eugene and finally Seattle.

The Combatants for Peace movement was founded in 2005 by Israelis and Palestinians who were once actively involved in perpetuating the cycle of violence. They decided to put down their weapons, and to fight instead for peace through dialogue, reconciliation and educational outreach. In addition to organizing countless meetings between Israeli and Palestinian veterans, the Combatants for Peace have worked together to raise the consciousness in both larger Israeli and Palestinian societies of the aspirations and fears of those on the "other side," and in so doing to create partners in dialogue. For tour schedule, click here (http://ga3.org/btvshalom/notice-description.tcl?newsletter_id=4964489)

* February 5th, 2007: Women in Black-Los Angeles invites you to join in a silent vigil at the performances of the Israeli Philharmonic at Disney Hall

Monday, February 5th, 2007 6:30pm-8:00pm

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 6:30pm-8:00pm

See our letters to the Israel and L.A. Philharmonic Orchestras on our website at http://www.wib-la.org/ Our letter to the Israel Philharmonic asking them to publicly oppose Israel's occupation of Palestine was signed by 800 supporters worldwide.

Contact us at womeninblackla@gmail.com or at (323) 993-3322

* June 21st-24th, 2007: Free Minds, Free People: A National Conference in Education for Liberation

Free Minds, Free People is a national conference whose aim is to bring together teachers, youth, parents, researchers and community-based educators from across the country to begin building a movement to develop and promote Education for Liberation. Education for Liberation is an umbrella term used to describe the work of people who are trying to link education, social justice and activism. This conference is being organized by The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, the Chicago Freedom School Project, and the Education for Liberation Network and the University of Chicago’s Center for Urban School Improvement.

For more information on how to apply, see the attached Call for Proposals. Questions? Call 212 283 7044 or email freeminds@brotherhood-sistersol.org.

* The Palestine Freedom Project is seeking interns, for academic credit or stipend, for Spring 2007.  Interns will join existing volunteers in conducting critical research, developing resources, and expanding PFP's international activist network.  These positions offer significant opportunities for personal and professional development as interns gain hands-on grassroots organizing experience.  For more information on internships with PFP, visit www.pfproject.org/intern.html.


* Spring – Fall 2007 Schedule: March 17th -31st; May 26th-June 9th; July 28th-August 11th; November 3rd-17th: Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegations to Israel/Palestine

Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB) sends delegations to Israel and Palestine so that US citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants have the opportunity to learn directly from Israeli and Palestinian nonviolent peace/human-rights activists, to spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes, and to experience the situation of Palestinians living under military occupation. For more information, contact the IFPB office directly by phone (202-244-0821) or email (middleeast@forusa.org ) 

* June 2nd – 20th, 2007: Zajel International Voluntary Work Camp

An-Najah National University is pleased to invite youth and adults up to 35, to take part in the “Step in the right direction” summer work camp. This project has been designed to provide international students and professionals the opportunity to meet and discuss the Middle East conflict, share ideas, enhance practical skills, foster relationships, and give assistance to members of the Palestinian community.

The international summer work camp, “Step in the right direction”, will bring together 25 young people from around the world who are interested in helping create a better world. We are specifically targeting people who are working with organizations led by young people that address humanitarian issues and social justice. We strongly encourage highly motivated and serious young men and women to apply.

For more information, please click here (http://youth.zajel.org/summer_camps/camp2007/announcing.htm)

* MECA Delegation August 2007: Come with MECA to Palestine/Israel!

For seventeen years, MECA has taken small groups to the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.  MECA staff and local guides introduce you to activists, journalists, aid workers, teachers, social workers and others living under occupation. We’ll stay with our “Ibdaa family” in Dheisheh refugee camp, and visit other MECA partners and friends throughout Palestine/ Israel.

For information, please contact:

Deborah Agre or Josie Shields-Stromsness deborah@mecaforpeace.org, josie@mecaforpeace.org


* Volunteer in Tel Rumeida!

Tel Rumeida Project is an organization solely for work purposes (i.e. it is not an organization for its own sake.)  Therefore, volunteers are expected to be able to function well with instruction and independently. Volunteers will be working in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida, Hebron, keeping a presence on the streets to prevent against settler attacks and soldier/police harassment of the Palestinian residents who live in the neighborhood. For more information, please see http://www.telrumeidaproject.org/Volunteer.html

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The US Campaign aims to change U.S. policies that sustain Israel's 39-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and that deny equal rights for all.

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