How to Set Up a Meeting

Don’t worry if you’ve never set up a meeting before with your Members of Congress.  Anyone can do it.  Here’s how.

Step #1: Find Out the Names of the Schedulers for Your Members of Congress

Click here and then type in your zip code to pull up contact information for your Members of Congress.  Then click on “Info” and then “Staff Members” to find out the name of the scheduler for your Representative.  Repeat the process for your Senators if you are setting up meetings with them as well.  Note: Sometimes schedulers are called appointment secretaries.

Step #2: Find Out Who Else from Your Congressional District Will Be Joining You

After you sign up to volunteer to set up a meeting with your Representative and/or Senators, we will send you contact information for other constituents who would like to join you in these meetings.

Step #3: Fax a Constituent Meeting Request to the Schedulers

From the same link that you used to pull up contact information for your Members of Congress, you can get their fax number.  Be sure to fax it to the attention of the scheduler in their Washington, DC office.  Below is a template that you can copy and paste for your fax.  Be sure to fill out the information where needed.






Washington, DC


I am a constituent of [REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR X] who is coming to Washington, DC on Monday, June 11 to participate in a grassroots lobbying day for Middle East peace sponsored jointly by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, United for Peace and Justice, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. 

Our delegation of constituents would like to request a meeting with [REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR X] and/or the appropriate staff people to discuss the following issues:

  • Cluster bomb munitions and the Arms Export Control Act
  • Appointing a special Middle East peace envoy
  • Amendments to the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act
  • Ending the occupation, supporting the reconstruction of Iraq

Our delegation also would like to leave behind some talking points on immigration, hate crimes, and racial profiling legislation if the Judiciary Legislative Assistant is not available to sit in on the meeting.

I expect to be joined in this meeting by other constituents of [REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR X].  I will forward their names to you before the meeting date. 

I will call your office next week to follow-up and schedule an appointment with [REPRESENTATIVE OR SENATOR X] or the appropriate staff person. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide any additional information.

Sincerely yours,


Step #4: Follow Up with the Scheduler 

After sending in your constituent meeting request fax, call the office to confirm that they received it.  If they did, wait at least one week for the scheduler to contact you.  If you haven’t heard back from the scheduler after that time, call the scheduler to politely inquire about the status of your request.  Please note that it is likely that you’ll need some patience for this process.  Schedulers have many scheduling requests to juggle and some Members of Congress don’t like to fill their schedules very far in advance. 

Step #5: Tell Us When Your Meeting Is

After you’ve scheduled your meeting/s, please let us know right away so that we can post it on the on-line schedule.  Send the details to or call 202-332-0994.