Occupation End Notes | April 12, 2007
Volume 4 Number 14

Occupation End Notes, April 12th, 2007

Volume 4 Number 14

In this issue...

1. US Campaign Update: Get Involved with theUS Campaign’s June 10th Mobilization; Join us for the June 10th Fundraiser; US Campaign goes to North Carolina; US Campaign Launches Anti-Apartheid Framework and Curriculum; New Edition of Phyllis Bennis Primer Available for Purchase

2. Member Group Update: New Member Group; Partners for Peace 13th National Jerusalem Women Speak; JVP’s 2nd Annual Conference & Job Opening; Boston Palestine Film Festival Call for Entries

3. Resources and Events: AFSC’s Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid Reading & Discussion Guide; Yalla Connect 2; Rachel Corrie Foundation’s Peace Works; Canaan Fair Trade Job Opening

4. Opportunities to Visit Israel and Palestine: Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegations; 2007 CAP Tour; Global Exchange Delegations; ICAHD Delegations; Join Middle East Fellowship for Palestine Summer Encounter; Join Interfaith Peace-Builders & AFSC on trip to Israel/Palestine; Zajel International Volunteer Work camp; Birthright Unplugged Delegations in July/August 2007; MECA Delegations in August 2007; Volunteer in Tel Rumeida;


* June 10th -11th, 2007: The World Says NO to Israeli Occupation!

Mobilization in Washington, DC

On June 10-11, 2007, the US Campaign and United for Peace and Justice are sponsoring a two-day mobilization in Washington, DC to protest the 40th anniversary of Israel's illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.  Under the banner, "The World Says No to Israeli Occupation", the US Campaign and UFPJ will hold a massive rally, teach-in, and grassroots lobbying day.  Get involved today! Click here to see what you can do!

Grassroots Lobbying Day Info Ready

The day after our big rally on Capitol Hill and march to the White House, join the US Campaign, United for Peace and Justice, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee for a grassroots lobbying day for peace in the Middle East on June 11.

For more information and to sign up for the lobbying day, click here.

Mobilizing Posters Available to Download

We’ve created an 11X17 inch mobilizing poster for you to download.The poster has details of the June 10 protest and includes a space for local organizers to add their contact information.Download the poster and other organizing resources by clicking here.

We’ve also ordered 5,000 copies of the posters which we’ll be distributing around the country in the upcoming weeks to all organizations that have endorsed the protest and the hundreds of people who have volunteered to help organize for the protest.

Logistics Web Page Is Up

We’ve put up some maps and information to let you know when and where you need to be on June 10-11.To view the information, click here.

We’ve also activated our ride and housing boards.If you are organizing transportation to DC or looking to share a ride, then add your information by clicking here. If you are looking for housing to share or have housing to offer, you can add your information by clicking here.

Flash Map of J10 Endorsing Organizations.

Click the map on the left to check out the US Campaign’s flash map showing the locations of the 180+ organizations to date that have endorsed the June 10-11 events.

(Note: Please allow one minute or more for the map to fully load.Due to technical limitations, only one organization per city is visible when the cursor is above that city.Scroll down the page for the full list.)

Check the map and the list of endorsing organizations to see if your organization has endorsed or not.Add your organization’s endorsement today by clicking here.

See the J10 Ad that CBS Didn’t Want You to See

We’re really excited to let you know about an ad campaign that we’ll be running in the Washington, DC metro rail system in the month leading up to our June 10-11 mobilization against 40 years of Israeli military occupation.

This ad campaign almost wasn’t though.CBS Outdoors, which manages advertising for the Washington, DC metro rail system, originally rejected our ad.However, after our friends at the ACLU intervened and defended our right to freedom of speech, CBS relented and DC commuters will view this ad almost 9 million times starting in May!Click here or on the image above to see a larger scale version of the ad.

* Other Ways to Get Involved w/ J10-11

Make a Donation for the Mobilization and Get Apartheid Posters

Can you help us fund the expenses for printing this ad and for other expenses for our June 10-11 mobilization?We need to raise $25,000 by the end of April to put this protest together right.Please make a tax-deductible contribution today by clicking here.

For a limited time, everyone who makes a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more will receive a free set of six anti-apartheid posters. These glossy 18X24 inch posters are union-made and suitable to frame. Click here to view the poster set.

Please make your generous tax-deductible donation today!

Help Us Organize

If you can help us mobilize and organize for this rally by distributing postcards and collecting petition signatures, please click here and we'll send you an organizing packet.

You can also download organizing resources from our website by clicking here.

Sign the Petition

The US Campaign is collecting petition signatures to deliver to Congress for the grassroots lobbying day. Click here to sign the petition and make your voice heard!

In the News

To read articles and watch videos about the planned protest, click here.

Don't forget to make your tax-deductible donation today for this mobilization and receive a free set of anti-apartheid posters!

* You're Invited--Join Laura Flanders, Hurriyah Dabke & More on Friday Night for a Fundraiser for June 10 Protest

What: June 10th Fundraiser
Where: Busboys & Poets, 2021 14th Street NW, Washington, DC20009
When: Friday, April 13th, 7:30PM-9:30PM

Join the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and United for Peace and Justice to help support the June 10th Mobilization commemorating and protesting the 40th Anniversary of the Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and the Syrian Golan Heights!

Please join the US Campaign Steering Committee in our first fundraiser, this Friday, April 13th, from 7:30PM-9:30PM, to support the Washington DC mobilization that will be part of the global day of action when "The World Says No to Israeli Occupation."

Join special guest, Laura Flanders, Air America talk show host and author of Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians and see a special dance performance by the Hurriyah ("Freedom") Dabke Troupe

We will gather at the second home of Washington, DC-area progressives, Busboys and Poets, to see the stunning new film "The Iron Wall" and mix and mingle with the Campaign's national steering committee.

Reviews of The Iron Wall - a new film by acclaimed Palestinian filmmaker Mohammed Alatar:

"The best description of the barrier, its routing and impact is shown in the film The Iron Wall." - President Jimmy Carter

"The Iron Wall is a highly recommended film for anyone concerned with the quest for a just and peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - a film that takes a clear stand while showing genuine empathy for both sides." - Hillel Schenker, Co-Editor of Palestine-Israel Journal


What: June 10th Fundraiser
Where: Busboys & Poets, 2021 14th Street NW, Washington, DC20009
When: Friday, April 13th, 7:30PM-9:30PM

Light fare will be served. $20 suggested donation

For more information, call the U.S. Campaign at (202) 332-0994 or go to www.endtheoccupation.org

* US Campaign heading to North Carolina, April 25-29

Ashley Wilkinson, US Campaign’s Mission Intern/Religious Outreach Coordinator will be coming to North Carolina at the end of April in order to do some organizing for the June 10th Mobilization.

In our efforts to make this mobilization a great success, we are traveling all over the States in order to help people mobilize for this event.  She will be in the Triangle, Charlotte and Fayetteville from April 25-29, and is eager to share resources and time with you.  It is our preference that several groups can come together to host a region-wide organizing meeting.  If you are interested in hosting a regional event in which we can gather for information and discussion surrounding plans for the June 10 Rally, then please send an email to Ashley at outreach@endtheoccupation.org or give me a call at the office: (202)-332-0994.

Ashley look forward to seeing you all soon.  For more information on the June 10 event, please check out our website: www.endtheoccupation.org.  We are updating it almost daily with great new information about the mobilization.  We hope to see you all there in June!

Ashley comes to the US Campaign through the Mission Intern program of the General Board of Global Ministries (the UnitedMethodistChurch).  She spent the last year and a half working at the Wi'am PalestinianConflictResolutionCenter in Bethlehem, Palestine, and had an amazing experience there.

* US Campaign Launches Anti-Apartheid Framework

The US Campaign is excited to announce the launch of its Anti-Apartheid Framework (AAF). The AAF was developed in response to a resolution passed by the US Campaign's General Body at its Fifth Annual National Organizers' Conference in Dearborn, MI in September 2006.

The AAF is meant to be an educational resource and not a campaign. This means that we hope you use these materials to frame the conflict in Israel and Palestine as you move forward with your existing campaigns. You can read more about the AAF by clicking here.

The AAF includes a number of resources that you can find by clicking here.

These resources include a public service announcement, posters, fact sheets, and DVDs. Together these resources constitute an "AAF Organizing Packet."

As part of the AAF, the US Campaign has designed a striking set of six posters with the theme "Apartheid: Wrong for South Africans, Wrong for Palestinians".  These glossy, union-made posters are suitable to frame and/or use for organizing purposes. 

The US Campaign would like to send you a set of these posters for a tax-deductible donation that you make to support our work. Click here to get your set of posters for:

1 Set of Posters (6) for $25 incl S&H.
2 Sets of Posters (12) for $35 incl S&H.
3 Sets of Posters (18) for $45 incl S&H

Contact the US Campaign for quotes on bulk orders greater than 3 sets of
posters at 202-332-0994 or office@endtheoccupation.org

Learn how to use the Organizing Packet by clicking here.

The resolution also included a call to establish a Boycott, Divestment Research Committee empowered to research and recommend a consumer product boycott target. Learn more about this effort by clicking here.

US Campaign Launches Anti-Apartheid Framework Curriculum

This training is intended to empower member groups to use an Anti-Apartheid Framework to discuss the Palestinian-Israel conflict. Participants will gain working definitions of apartheid, examine parallels between Palestine/Israel and South Africa, consider the relationship between military occupation and apartheid, and be introduced to boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) as a strategy to target Israeli apartheid.

Click here to download it. (http://www.endtheoccupation.org/downloads/AAF%20curriculum%20training%20.pdf)

The US Campaign looks forward to working with you to end Israeli apartheid policies!

* NEW Merchandise: New Edition of Phyllis Bennis Primer Available for Purchase

Interlink Books has just published an updated and expanded version of Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer, by US Campaign Steering Committee member Phyllis Bennis.

208 pgs, paperback. $12 including Shipping & Handling.

Click here to order your copy today! (http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?list=type&type=142)


The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation would like to welcome the following group to its membership:


WeAreAideAwake.org is a pro-bono group dedicated to raising awareness of the Christian Exodus from the Holy Land and the dangers of Christian Zionism.

Click here to read more about Eileen Fleming and WeAreWideAwake.org.

Click here for more information about how your group can join our growing coalition.

* April 9th – 26th, 2007: Jerusalem Women Speak 13 to visit Heartland Communities in Washington DC, Chicago, and Wisconsin

The thirteenth national Jerusalem Women Speak: Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision tour organized by Partners for Peace focuses on communities in the US heartland. The tour will focus on cities in Wisconsin with visits to Chicago and WashingtonDC (click here for a detailed schedule).

The tour will feature the voices of Huda Abu Arqoub, Tal Dor and Amal Nassar. These three women - Muslim, Jewish, and Christian - are living the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (click here for speaker biographies). They come to the United States to call for an end to war and suffering in the Middle East and share their experiences and hopes for a just peace with American audiences.

* April 28th-29th, 2007: Please join Jewish Voice for Peace at their upcoming conference, "Pursuing Justice for Israel/Palestine: Changing Minds, Challenging US Policy"

We'll be meeting April 28-29 in downtown Oakland (on Pill Hill) at the beautiful SamuelMerrittHealthEducationCenter, 400 Hawthorne – for strategizing, educating, movement-building, and peace-making.

Join featured speakers include Jeff Halper, Ronnie Gilbert, Hussein Ibish, Rabbi Lynn
Gottlieb, Pastor Will McGarvey, Phyllis Bennis, George Bisharat, Aurora Levins
Morales, Mitchell Plitnick, Anat Biletzki, Charlie Varon, Sydney Levy, Alice
Rothchild and Sandy Tolan.

Visit jewishvoiceforpeace.org for more info on these extraordinary leaders and activists.

With panels/workshops on US policy, life under occupation, economic action,
building a Jewish peace movement, feminist activism, Arab-American organizing,
the state of the Middle East, coalition-building, art & activism, and more– We would love to have you with us! Please visit www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org and follow the prompts for lots more info and to register; note that registration is discounted until April 1.

* The BostonPalestine Film Festival (BPFF) is now accepting entries for its first annual festival to be held in September-October 2007

Download the Call for Entries (CFE) PDF Form

BPFF seeks to present the extraordinary narrative of a dispossessed people living in exile or under Occupation. Palestinian cinema represents a powerful means for visually interpreting the collective identity, historic struggle and emotional expression of Palestinians today.

Click here to read more! (http://www.bostonpalestinefilmfest.org/cfe2007/)

* Job Announcement: Jewish Voice for Peace Searching for National Director

Jewish Voice for Peace uses grassroots organizing, education, advocacy, and media toward the goal of a lasting peace in the Middle East that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination. JVP has about 100 Bay Area activist members who attend meetings and develop projects and campaigns, as well as new activist chapters in 5 cities across the U.S., over 1000 paid members and more than 20,000 online action alert participants.

JVP is seeking a National Director to provide overall leadership to an organization that is in the midst of a transition from a San Francisco Bay Area based grassroots organization to a national organization with chapters around the country, a national board, and greater visibility. The National Director will be accountable to the Board.

Click here for more information. (http://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/publish/article_713.shtml)


* AFSC Resource:Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid Reading & Discussion Guides

The Middle East Peacebuilding Program has just released a new resource - A Reading and Discussion Guide for Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. This 8-page guide is intended to facilitate discussion of President Jimmy Carter's book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by book groups, social action groups, classes, and other interested parties. You can find the guide and other materials related to President Carter's book on the AFSC website(http://www.afsc.org/carter-discussion/)

The Middle East Peacebuilding Program has also printed a pamphlet-sized version of the guide so please contact Adam Horowitz (AHorowitz@afsc.org) if you would be interested in making a bulk order.

* April 20th, 2007: Yalla Connect Two: Hizz!

The DC metro area brings together a diversity of people, ideas, and passions. From students to parents, cultural workers and activists, from hyphenated identities to indigenous identities--DC has it all. It's no wonder that while these groups often intersect, they often fail to converge at any one point. YCDC wants to try to create that convergence--to bring together these communities that may be oblivious to one another otherwise and create a space where our most common denominator--our inclination to have fun--brings us together without reservation. 

What: Yalla Connect Two: Hizz! 
When: Friday April 20th, Dinner starts at 8:30, party starts at 10 PM 
Where: Agua Ardiente (24th st., NW, between M and N)  
How: $10 Cover (21+) 
Featured Organizations: Palestine Children's Relief Fund & US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 
Co-sponsors: ADC-DC, NAAP-DC, YC-DC 

For more information go to  http://www.yallaconnectdc.com

* The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice is pleased to announce two very exciting events as part of our annual Peace Works program: 

From April 26th through 29th, the Seattle Repertory Theatre production of My Name is Rachel Corrie will be performed at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, brought by Evergreen Expressions.  The Rachel Corrie Foundation is organizing talkbacks, post-play discussions by those who attend the play, and educational outreach to local high school and college students.

One week later, on Saturday evening, May 5th, Peace Works will present Voices of a People’s History at the WashingtonCenter for the Performing Arts in downtown Olympia.  This is a theater presentation of readings from the book of the same name edited by Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn.  Other Voices performances have occurred in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Berkeley to great acclaim.  The Olympia performance will be narrated by Anthony Arnove and will feature readers presenting true-life narratives from American history--from Sojourner Truth, Tecumseh, and Eugene Debs, to the present day--including an email from Gaza from Rachel Corrie. 

General Admission - $10
Tickets available on April 17th: call the WashingtonCenter at (360) 753-8586.

Click here for more information.

* Canaan Fair Trade Job Opening: Community Outreach and Marketing Specialist

Canaan seeks qualified personnel to lead its marketing scheme in the US market. Canaan distributes fair trade olive oil and other Palestinian products to networks of coops, natural food markets, solidarity groups, churches, and community organizations. Individual(s) will work to promote Canaan products through these venues and process orders with customers and correspond with fulfillment agencies. Experience in marketing or community outreach is required. Knowledge of fair trade and or the Palestinian solidarity movement in the US is a plus. Must have good communication skills and strong administrative skills. Location is flexible. Compensation based on experience.

To apply, send a letter of interest and CV, including three references, to Dr. Nasser Abufarha at nabufarha@gmail.com.


*Spring - Fall 2007 Schedule: May 26th-June 9th; July 28th-August 11th; October 27th – November 10th: Interfaith Peace-BuildersDelegations to Israel/Palestine

Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB) sends delegations to Israel and Palestine so that US citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants have the opportunity to learn directly from Israeli and Palestinian nonviolent peace/human-rights activists, to spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes, and to experience the situation of Palestinians living under military occupation. For more information, contact the IFPB office directly by phone (202-244-0821) or email office@ifpbdel.org.

* April 1st – April 10th, 2007: 2007 Congressional Accompaniment Project

You can be a part of a group of peacemakers who will leave for an 10 day trip to Israel-Palestine, accompanying several U.S. Congressional Senior Staff Aides on a mission of peacemaking and fact-finding.

It is an unparalleled chance to accomplish two important goals: 1. expand and deepening your own knowledge of the Holy Land and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through direct experience, and 2. influence the political climate of Washington toward a more positive attitude and fair policies that will help enable a just peace in the region for both the state of Israel and the people of Palestine.

However, the time is growing short to sign on as an “Accompanier” for this 2007 Congressional Accompaniment Tour.We must hear from you by Feb. 20thto reserve a place.

For more information or to apply as an “Accompanier” for the 2007 CAP tour to Israel/Palestine, contact us immediately. http://www.middleeastawareness.org

Darrell & Sue Yeaney, Coordinators

2007 CAP Tour

Peacemaking Task Force

Presbytery of East Iowa


319 354-7877

* Spring – Fall 2007 Schedule: April 21st – May 1st, August 12th – 22nd, December 2nd – 12th: Global Exchange’s Delegations to Palestine & Israel

Global Exchange’s delegations to Palestine & Israel provide first-hand exposure to the daily struggles and realities of Palestinians living under Occupation.  The delegations strive to further the US public's understanding of the conflict by listening to the aspirations and frustrations of Palestinians, by examining the dimensions of the human rights crisis under Israeli rule, as well as learning from Palestinians and Israelis who are working for a just peace and an end to the Occupation.

For more information you can contact Global Exchange (800-497-1994 x. 251) or email palestine@globalexchange.org.

April 21 – May 1, 2007 <http://www.globalexchange.org/tours/802.html>
August 12 – 22, 2007 <http://www.globalexchange.org/tours/803.html>
December 2 – 12, 2007

* Summer 2007: Resisting Occupation—Constructing Peace: 2007 ICAHD Summer Rebuilding Experience

July 14 – July 29, 2007: For the fifth year in a row, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions [www.ICAHD.org] is offering a summer work camp intended to foster learning and friendship between Palestinians, Israelis and internationals. Twenty five internationals will work alongside Israelis and Palestinians to rebuild the home of a Palestinian family whose house has been demolished by the Israeli authorities. In addition, participants will learn about the facts on the ground through a full program including presentations from key organizations working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel and tours to other parts of the OccupiedTerritories, Jerusalem and Israel.

For an application form and all inquiries regarding the camp please contact ICAHD’s International Coordinator, Lucia Pizarro lucia@icahd.org. US Participants may contact Richard Wark at summercamp@icahdusa.org.

* May 24th – August 16th, 2007: Join Middle East Fellowship for Palestine Summer Encounter 2007

Middle East fellowship, in partnership with Holy Land Trust invites you to participate in the fourth annual Palestine Summer Encounter, a two month Arabic-training and volunteer program, starting on May 24th, 2007.

The purpose of the program is to create a dialogue between Palestinians and members of the global community. During the program, participants will learn beginner or intermediate conversational Arabic through language immersion and class and partner with Palestinian non-profit organizations as a volunteer. Click here for more detailed information.

* May 26th – June 9th, 2007: Join Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB) & the Americans Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to travel to IsraelPalestine: Assessing the Prospects for Peace: 40 Years of Occupation, 40 Years of Nonviolent Resistance

Delegation to Israel/Palestine

May 26 – June 9, 2007

Join Interfaith Peace-Builders (IPFB) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to travel to Israel/Palestine. June, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the 1967 war and the beginning of the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, which remains as one of the greatest obstacles to peace in the Middle East.

This delegation provides a unique opportunity to focus on the current situation in Israel/Palestine and understand the effects of the ongoing Israeli occupation. Your on-the-ground experience will enrich your understanding of the conflict as you meet courageous Israelis and Palestinians working for peace and justice, and witness the current realities of life in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.  In addition, you will confront and analyze the US role in the conflict, and wrestle with ways to translate your experience to others when you return home.

Click here for more information.

* June 2nd – 20th, 2007: Zajel International Voluntary Work Camp

An-NajahNationalUniversity is pleased to invite youth and adults up to 35, to take part in the “Step in the right direction” summer work camp. This project has been designed to provide international students and professionals the opportunity to meet and discuss the Middle East conflict, share ideas, enhance practical skills, foster relationships, and give assistance to members of the Palestinian community.

The international summer work camp, “Step in the right direction”, will bring together 25 young people from around the world who are interested in helping create a better world. We are specifically targeting people who are working with organizations led by young people that address humanitarian issues and social justice. We strongly encourage highly motivated and serious young men and women to apply.

For more information, please click here (http://youth.zajel.org/summer_camps/camp2007/announcing.htm)

* July 20th-25th and August 20th-25th, 2007: Birthright Unplugged Delegations to Israel/Palestine

Are you thinking of going to Palestine/Israel this summer?

Are you interested in meeting Palestinian families, activists, community leaders, and political figures, and learning about life under occupation? Are you committed to turning education into action and working for justice?


Join us for a 6-day educational trip through the West Bank to visit Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps.The trip is designed to put you in conversation with people who you may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and equip you to return to your community and work for change.

Birthright Unplugged trips will run from JULY 20-25, 2007 and AUGUST 20-25, 2007.Dates are subject to change.

The application deadline is Tuesday, MAY 15, 2007.Trips run every summer and winter.

While Birthright Unplugged is designed primarily for Jewish people, we welcome people of all backgrounds on our trips.We also welcome individuals of all ages, and have traveled with people ages 9-70.

For more information about the itinerary, costs, trip leaders, and application materials, visit www.birthrightunplugged.org.

* MECA Delegation August 2007: Come with MECA to Palestine/Israel!

For seventeen years, MECA has taken small groups to the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.MECA staff and local guides introduce you to activists, journalists, aid workers, teachers, social workers and others living under occupation. We’ll stay with our “Ibdaa family” in Dheisheh refugee camp, and visit other MECA partners and friends throughout Palestine/ Israel.

For information, please contact:

Deborah Agre or Josie Shields-Stromsness deborah@mecaforpeace.org, josie@mecaforpeace.org


*Volunteer in Tel Rumeida!

Tel Rumeida Project is an organization solely for work purposes (i.e. it is not an organization for its own sake.)  Therefore, volunteers are expected to be able to function well with instruction and independently. Volunteers will be working in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida, Hebron, keeping a presence on the streets to prevent against settler attacks and soldier/police harassment of the Palestinian residents who live in the neighborhood. For more information, please see http://www.telrumeidaproject.org/Volunteer.html


Occupation End Notes is the US Campaign bi-monthly newsletter, designed as a tool for activists. For this newsletter to be successful, we need your participation. Use us to promote events, give feedback on recent actions, recommend resources, or just learn from other activists in the movement. If you or your organization are planning an event aimed at ending the occupation, or you have information for the Newsletter, please contact the US Campaign at office@endtheoccupation.org.

The US Campaign aims to change U.S. policies that sustain Israel's 39-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and that deny equal rights for all.

US Campaign toEndthe Israeli Occupation PO Box 21539Washington, DC20009 202-332-0994 http://www.endtheoccupation.org

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