Free Gaza - the Blockade is Broken

August 24th, 2008

Two small boats, the SS Free Gaza and the SS Liberty left Cyprus on Thursday, August 21st, sailing over 350 km through choppy seas on a humanitarian mission  to Gaza.  They made their journey despite threats that the Israeli government would use force to stop them.  They continued sailing - while not facing direct confrontation with the Israeli military, they did face "electronic piracy" as their communications and navigation systems were jammed by an unknown party.

The 42 human rights activists arrived in Gaza on Sunday to the cheers and joyful tears of hundreds of Palestinians who came out to the beaches to welcome them.  In the words of one of the sailors, Dr. Paul Larudee, These group of determined international human rights activists are “the first ones in 41 years to enter Gaza freely - but we won’t be the last. We welcome the world to join us and see what we’re seeing.”  Truly, this direct action, taken by civilians, while governments stood by, will inspire more of us to escalate our personal commitments to ending the Israeli occupation.

Read more about the Free Gaza movement and their recent success in breaking through the siege of this tiny strip of land, click here to visit their website.