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Sample Letters to the Editor

Boycott Israel, Maurice Hall, March 16, 2010, in The Salt Lake Tribue. Click here to read

Citizen Weapons, Peter Miller, March 12, 2010, in Oregon LiveClick here to read

Israel Building a Wall of its Own, Don Wiederanders, November 13, 2009, in the WCF Courier.  Click here to read

Tear Down West Bank Wall, Robert Fischer, November 12, 2009, in the WCF Courier. Click here to read.

Shifting to the Right in Israel, Phyllis Bennis Feb 19, 2009 in the Washington Post. Click here to read

Israel Must Stop Provocation, Lee Whitnum Jan 14, 2009 in the Journal News, click here to read

Linking the siege to the war, Pam Rasmussen Jan. 2nd in the Washington Post, click here to read

As Bombs Strike the Mideast Yet Again, Phyllis Bennis Dec. 29, 2008 in the New York Times, click here to read