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Keep the Movement Moving

February 12th, 2009

Boycott + Divestment + Sanctions = Success!

Increasingly, since Israelís recent war on the occupied Gaza Strip, people have been turning to Boycott and Divestment strategies when their governments fail to respond to Israelís breaches of international law and human rights violations. Earlier this month, the World Social Forum announced an international day of action on March 30, 2009 in Solidarity with the Palestinian Civil Society call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS).

Take part in this international day of action and join the growing number of activists around the world working on BDS projects. Click here for more information about BDS campaigns underway at the US Campaign and how you can plug in.

While the successes in this email are wonderful news, they didnít come easily. The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at Hampshire College fought a two-year campaign before winning campus divestment. Donít delay your BDS efforts another moment! Click here to sign up as a local Hang Up On Motorola organizer. This campaign is primarily a consumer boycott, but we also support divestment efforts against Motorola for its war profiteering from Israeli occupation. If your organization is considering launching a divestment campaign, click here for helpful resources. You can also email our national organizer for help or to find out more about our divestment work targeting Caterpillar.

Global BDS Victories

Last week, the South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union pledged not to unload Israeli ships, and earlier this week the Irish Congress of Trade Unions launched an all-out boycott of Israeli goods and services.

Here at home, the boycott and divestment movement is also growing stronger every day; in late January, the U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel was inaugurated with more than 85 campuses represented!

Yesterday, we received word that Hampshire College has voted to divest from a number of corporations directly profiting from the Israeli occupation Ė including Motorola and Caterpillar. Congratulations to Students for Justice in Palestine at Hampshire College for this historic victory!

If you want to launch a BDS campaign on the international day of action on March 30th, then now is the time to start planning! Tell us your plans for March 30th and weíll post them in the BDS section of our website. Click here to register your event.

Signing up as a Hang Up On Motorola organizer, organizing an action for the global action day, and encouraging divestment in your community are all important ways to support the international BDS movement, but you can also show your support by helping to fund our BDS programs. We absorb the costs associated with supporting autonomous BDS campaigns around the country, so your tax-deductible donation will put resources directly into the hands of grassroots organizers from Boise to Boston. Click here to see where there are already local Hang Up On Motorola campaigns.

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Each flag on the map above represents someone who is already organizing the Hang Up On Motorola boycott in their community.