Commemorate Rachel Corrie on Campus

Is your School Profiting from Caterpillar's Killing Machines?
Your school may hold stock in Caterpillar, click here for tips to start a boycott/divestment campaign on your campus or click here for more information about why profiting from Caterpillar is an immoral investment.

Divestment campaigns require a serious commitment, but they can make a difference - Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine recently won their two-year campaign to divest from war profiteers, and now their school administration is backsliding.  Click here to send a letter to Hampshire College President supporting the Students for Justice in Palestine's divestment plan.

Host a Teach-In or Panel Discussion
Educate your campus community about Israel's policy of home demolition and the nonviolent protest movement against this destruction.  Click here to post your event on our website.  Click here to email our national organizer for support.

Join the US Campaign
Click here to sign up as a student supporter of the US campaign or encourage your campus group to become a member of our coalition, using the resources here.  Student supporters will receive our weekly email alerts and support from the US Campaign staff for their initiatives that overlap with our program areas.  Member groups of the US Campaign are part of a national network of over 270 organizations working to bring equal human rights and application of international law to Israel/Palestine.  Our member groups support each others' work through regional listserves, regional strategy meetings, collaborate on events and campaigns, and set the agenda for the US Campaign's national programmatic work.

Learn about the US Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
This is a collaboration of US students & faculty working to nonviolently pressure Israel to end it's military occupation of Palestinian people and land.  Click here to learn more about this project.  Click here to connect with the international movement for academic and cultural boycott of Israel.