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Stop Caterkiller!

For six years, our member groups have been working to hold Caterpillar accountable for how its products are used to violate international law and abuse Palestinian human rights. Join us in ratcheting this protest up after our first two divestment victories targeting Caterpillar!

In February 2009, both Hampshire College and the Church of England divested from Caterpillar.  Hampshire, the first US school to divest from occupation, dumped a mutual fund that included Caterpillar investments.  Just three days later, the Church of England directly divested of $3.3 million in CAT stock.  Join us in celebrating the growth of this global movement by marking June 10th, Caterpillar's annual shareholders' meeting, as a national day of action.

There are many ways to participate in this day of action, each requiring a different level of commitment and organizing.

Help us meet our goal of 4000 emails to Caterpillar management! Simply click here and follow the instructions to send an email to Caterpillar's management.  We've even drafted the letter for you, although you're welcome to personalize it.

Participate in a June 10th event! The US Campaign is already working with member groups Jewish Voice for Peace and Chicagoans Against Apartheid in Palestine to plan actions inside and outside of the shareholders' meeting. Click here to RSVP for the protest that we're planning for outside of the shareholder meeting.

Learn more about the resolution that we will present inside the shareholder meeting by clicking here.

If you can't make it to Chicago, then please attend an event in your area.  Click here to search for an event near you.  If there isn't a June 10th event already planned in your area, please consider organizing one.  You can click here to register an event on our website.  If you need help planning your event please email the US Campaign's National Organizer by clicking here or simply use the resources below to help plan your event.

Sign up for a Stop Caterkiller local campaign kit!  These local campaign kits contain fact sheets, petitions, posters, a sample letter to take to Caterpillar dealerships and much more.  Click here to order your CAT campaign kit now.  You can use these kits to plan your June 10th event or for organizing the Stop Caterkiller campaign all year round.

Write an op-ed about Caterpillar's connection to apartheid and occupation! Caterpillar's annual shareholders' meeting is supposed to be their big day in the media; it's up to us to make sure that they get the story right.  Use our talking points on Caterpillar and our tips on placing an op-ed to write and submit your op-ed to local and national media.  Click here to download our Caterpillar talking points in PDF or click here to view our tips on placing op-eds.

Legal Victory for Corporate Responsibility

Cat Equipment being used to lay razor wire along Israel's apartheid wall, which confiscates Palestinian Land and divides communities.
In addition to our divestment victories with the Church of England and Hampshire College, there is also a ray of hope on the legal front of our battle with Caterpillar.

We were all disappointed by the 2007 dismissal of Corrie et al. v. Caterpillar, a lawsuit brought by family members of an American and several Palestinians who were killed by Caterpillar bulldozers during home demolitions carried out by the Israeli military.  This case charged Caterpillar, Inc. with aiding and abetting war crimes and other serious human rights violations, due to their knowledge of patterns of abuses committed by the Israeli military with their equipment.

Recently, however, Southern New York District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin allowed "alien tort claims" against U.S. corporations who provided material support for South Africa's apartheid regime to move forward.  This means that South Africans adversely affected by apartheid can sue the U.S. corporations, like IBM and Ford, that provided the South African government with the machinery of apartheid. We'll keep a close eye on how these cases proceed and keep you updated on how it might affect Caterpillar and other U.S. corporations currently targeted for supporting apartheid and occupation in Palestine/Israel.