Report Card on the 108th Congress (2003-2004)

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Below is the key for the scoring on the report card.


1) Introduced 4/2/03: S.Con.Res. 32—Scoring: Sponsor -2, Cosponsor -1

2) Circulated 4/30/03: Unbalanced Road Map Dear Colleague—Scoring: Sponsor -2, Cosponsor -1, Non-Signer +1

House of Representatives

Introduced 1/7/03: H.R. 167—Scoring: Sponsor -2, Cosponsor -1


Explanation: H.R. 167 calls for "certain steps toward recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel." Sponsorship of this resolution is given a negative score because this resolution seeks to predetermine the status of Jerusalem to Israel’s benefit. Jerusalem is one of the "permanent status" issues that must be negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians. It is inappropriate for Congress to try to predetermine this issue is an unbalanced way.

Introduced 3/25/03: H.Con.Res. 111—Scoring: Sponsor +2, Cosponsor +1

Explanation: H.Con.Res. 111 "calls on the United States Government to undertake a full, fair, and expeditious investigation into the death of Rachel Corrie.." Rachel was a 23 year-old American college student who was killed by an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in March 2003 while trying to protect nonviolently a Palestinian home from being demolished. Sponsoring of this resolution is given a positive score because it calls for an investigation into Rachel’s death and encourages the United States and Israel to work together to prevent this type of tragedy from occurring again.

Circulated 3/27/03: Unbalanced Road Map Dear Colleague—Scoring: Sponsor -2, Signer -1, Non-Signer +1


Delivered 5/20/03: Balanced Road Map Dear Colleague—Scoring: Sponsor +2, Signer +1

Introduced 6/24/03: H.Res. 249—Scoring: Sponsor -3, Cosponsor -2, Yes Vote -1, Not Voting 0, Present +1, No Vote +2