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Constituent Meeting Request

Requesting a meeting

Meetings with congressional offices can take place either in Washington DC or locally (known as in-district meetings).

To request a meeting with your Members of Congress, the best place to start is their website.  Calling the Washington DC office is often the fastest option, but most congressional offices also have a link to schedule a meeting in the 'Constituent Services' or 'Contact Us' tab on their website. 

Contact information for Members of Congress can be found at the links below.

Contact information for Representatives

Contact information for Senators

Who are you requesting to meet with?

The first few meetings with your Members of Congress will likely be with congressional staff rather than lawmakers themselves. 

Because congressional staff are such an essential part making legislative decisions and controlling access to lawmakers, it is essential to build  relationships with legislative aides. 

If you are meeting with your Members of Congress in Washington DC, it is best to request a meeting with the Legislative Director of Foreign Policy Legislative Aide

If you are setting up a meeting in-district, it is best to request a meeting with the Chief of Staff, or another staff member who can speak to the issues and relate your concerns to the office in DC. When meeting in-district, the staff member should provide you with the Legislative Director or Foreign Policy Legislative Aide's contact information so you can follow-up directly. 

Need help requesting or preparing for your meeting?

If you would like assistance setting up or preparing for your meeting, please feel free to contact us.

Mike Coogan
Legislative Coordinator