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Occupation End Notes | August 7, 2003
Volume 1 Number 17

1. EVENTS: Register now for the UN Conference on Palestine 4-5 September.PLUS: events in Santa Cruz, Portland, CODEPINK trip to Palestine

2. RESOURCES: Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal; Occupied Voices: Stories of Everyday Lives from the Second Intifada; Tour on Christian life in Palestine





The United Nations is holding a 2nd International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People at United Nations Headquarters in New York 4 – 5 September.You and your groups can register by contacting of the Division for Palestinian Rights of the United Nations Secretariat and submitting your registration form by 25 August 2003 at the latest (see the registration form and provisional program at http://www.un.org/Depts/dpa/ngo/calendar.htm) Registration forms received after 25 August will not be accepted due to security regulations at Headquarters. The official languages of the Conference will be Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

As in 2002, the theme of the conference will be "End the Occupation!"The aim of the gathering is to provide civil society organizations from all regions of the world with an opportunity to discuss the situation in the OccupiedPalestinianTerritory, including Jerusalem, coordinate their activities and develop action-oriented proposals in support of the Palestinian people.Invited speakers will make presentations on various aspects of the role of civil society on the question of Palestine.During discussion periods in each plenary session, NGO representatives and other participants will have an opportunity to discuss specific action-oriented proposals.It is envisaged that participants will adopt a plan of action at the close of the Conference.

There are no registration or other fees to attend the Conference.However, all costs relating to your travel and accommodation have to be borne by your organization.For more information, contact the Division at: United Nations Secretariat, Room S-3350, New York, NY10017, USA; Fax: (212) 963-4199; E-mail: dprngo@un.org



Tikkun Summer Institute, at U.C. Santa Cruz: sessions on how best to organize around Israel/Palestine issues, and other areas.$300 covers food and lodging from Tuesday dinner through Friday lunch; the cost for commuters is $150. You can sign up online at www.tikkun.org or by sending a check to Tikkun at

951 Cragmont Ave, Berkeley
, Ca. 94708. 


Laboring for Justice in Palestine and Israel: A Labor Day Weekend Conference for Peacemakers, Presented by Friends of Sabeel – North America.Speakers include Naim Ateek. Don Wagner, Jeff Halper, Phyllis Bennis.Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1624 NE Hancock, Portland, Oregon.Information: (503) 653-6625  sabeelseeds@aol.com


Trip to Palestine and Israel in Honor of Rachael Corrie led by CODEPINK Women for Peace and organized by Global Exchange. Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin (also Global Exchange co-founder) will lead the trip, along with White Dog Cafe owner and Code Pink activist, Judy Wicks.The cost is approximately $1200, plus airfare. Travel plans are made individually with the formal tour beginning August 31.For further info and to sign up, contact: deirdre@whitedog.com, 215-386-9224, ext. 121 or ladan@globalexchange.org, 415-575-5528 and visit www.codepink4peace.org


HOLY LAND STUDIES: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNALpublishes new and provocative ideas, paying particular attention to issues that have a contemporary relevance and a wider public interest. It draws upon expertise from virtually all relevant disciplines (history, culture, politics, religion, archaeology, sociology). It deals with a wide range of topics: 'two nations' and 'three faiths'; conflicting Israeli and Palestinian perspectives; social and economic conditions; Palestine in history and today; ecumenism and interfaith relations; modernisation, religious revivalisms and fundamentalisms; Zionism and Post-Zionism; the 'new historiography' of Palestine and Israel.Its list of international academic advisers includes Edward Said, Dan Rabinowitz, Tim Niblock, Naseer Aruri, As'ad Ghanem, Khalil Hindi, Naim Ateek, Thomas L. Thompson, William Dalrymple, Thomas Mullins, Bernard Sabella, Hisham Sharabi, Oren Yiftachel, Salim Tamari, Samih Farsoun, Stephen Sizer, Rosemary Radford Ruether, and Noam Chomsky. Editor: Michael Prior (London) (emails: priorm@smuc.ac.uk, prior2451@aol.com)

Published by:Sheffield Academic Press: A Continuum imprint www.contiuumjournals.com

OCCUPIED VOICES: STORIES OF EVERYDAY LIFE FROM THE SECOND INTIFADA by Wendy Pearlman.Howard Zinn writes: “Wendy Pearlman has done all of us an enormous favor by letting us hear the voices of twenty-seven Palestinians who have endured the bitterness of living in an occupied land. I know of no better way for Americans to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than to listen to these poignant, intensely human stories." Carl Bromley, Editorial Director, Nation Books, www.nationbooks.org

TOUR ON CHRISTIAN LIFE Elizabeth and Marthame Sanders will be leaving Zababdeh in Occupied Palestine and returning to the States at the end of 2003.They hope to spend the first six months of 2004 visiting different parts of the US, and sharing their experiences.  They are working on a documentary film about Christian life in the Northern West Bank sponsored by several churches.  If you or your church would like to have them come to speak, please contact sanders@palnet.com or elizabethandmarthame@hotmail.com and visit their website at http://come.to/zababdeh


At the 2nd annual US Campaign Conference of Organizers held in DC July 19-22 (see www.endtheoccupation.org for a report), three performers brought the house down during the solidarity evening with Palestine on July 19th.Contact info below, in case you or your group would like to have them at your events.

THE SINGING CIA AGENT“The world’s only known singing CIA agent” George Shrub, aka Dave Lippman, combines acoustic guitar classics and clever lyrics to create a hilarious musical act. For current touring info, pictures and songs visit http://davelippman.com.


The Iron Sheik tells the history and struggle of Palestinians though hip hop beats and poetry.For more information about his music, tour schedules, and organizing an Iron Sheik performance in your area, visit www.ironsheik.biz.

MAYSOON ZAYID Maysoon’s website is under construction, but we can pass on requests sent to events@endtheoccupation.org Meanwhile, Maysoon’s challenge stands: she will give a free performance to the member group anywhere in the US that raises the most money for the US Campaign by 14 May 2004.

** PS ** Two copies of the Jean Zaru discussion video were left at the conference.If you know where these videos may have ended up please contact us at info@endtheoccupation.org so that we can pass them on to their owner.


Occupation End Notes is the US Campaign bi-monthly newsletter designed as a tool for activists.For this newsletter to be successful, we need your participation.Use us to promote events, give feedback on recent actions, recommended resources, or just learn from other activists in the movement.If you or your organization are planning an event aimed at ending the occupation, or you have information for the Newsletter, please contact the US Campaign at events@endtheoccupation.org


The US Campaign aims to change US policies that sustain Israel’s 35-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and deny equal rights for all.