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Set Up a Meeting with Your Member of Congress in August

July 2nd, 2009

Last month, the Israeli navy committed an act of piracy by kidnapping 21 human rights activists and journalists in international waters who were sailing for the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian goods to the besieged people who live there under Israeli military occupation. On board the Free Gaza Movementís boat Spirit of Humanity were two recipients of awards from the US Campaign and one current Advisory Board member.

Read more about their story and how Israel is misusing U.S. military aid to commit violations of international law such as this in our exclusive blog story, ďU.S. Military Aid to Israel: Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work Kidnapping U.S. Citizens on the High Seas.Ē

This incident demonstrates yet again why we need to press our Members of Congress to cut off or, at the minimum, condition military aid to Israel to achieve U.S. policy goals. And you have an opportunity to do so in August when Members of Congress are in their home districts to meet with their constituents during their summer recess.

See our map below of more than 250 people from 37 states and more 150 Congressional districts who have volunteered as of Aug. 11 to set up delegations of constituents to meet with their Members of Congress in August.

(You'll need the Google Earth plug-in to display this map properly.  If you don't have the plug-in, then you can get it by clicking on the link in the map. This map takes a minute to load.)

If you can commit to setting up a meeting with your Member of Congress in August, then please click here. Donít worry if youíve never set up a meeting before with your Member of Congress. We will provide you with resources, talking points, and a how-to conference call so that youíll be empowered to do it. Itís our responsibility as good citizens to communicate our views to our Members of Congress, so please sign up today to organize a meeting in August by clicking here.

Download an audio file of a training conference call we held on July 8 by clicking on the icon below.  On the call, National Advocacy Director Josh Ruebner provides you with tips on how to schedule and run an effective meeting with your Members of Congress and
reviews with you specific ďasksĒ that you can make of your Member of Congress to condition military aid to Israel during this yearís budget process.

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Donít delay; sign up to schedule a meeting now by clicking here.

On our website, you can also find all the resources youíll need to schedule and run an effective meeting with your Members of Congress, including:

* A template constituent meeting fax request

* Tips on how to run an effective meeting with your Members of Congress

* A memo to give to your Members of Congress with amendment language to condition military aid to Israel

* A Power Point presentation to show your Members of Congress detailing Israel's human rights abuses committed with U.S. weapons

* A draft Congressional resolution calling on Israel to end its siege of the occupied Gaza Strip

* A draft Congressional resolution calling on Israel to freeze settlement construction

* The voting records of your Members of Congress in our 111th Congressional Report Card

Donít forget to sign up today to schedule a meeting with your Members of Congress by clicking here.

And please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support the important work of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation by clicking here.