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Take Action in the Media

Talking Points
Click here to download our talking points on the anniversary of "Operation Cast Lead" and the Gaza Freedom March.  These talking points should guide your letters, op-eds, and be mentioned at your events.

Write a Letter to the Editor
Click here to use our letter to the editor resources, including tips on writing, samples, and addresses for media outlets.

Click here to use our op-ed resources, including tips on getting your op-ed published, and samples to inspire you.

Pitching a Story
Pitching a story directly to writers and editors is a great way to get your event or issue covered.  Click here to access our resources on pitching stories, including tips on how to pitch and a sample media release.

There are two important ways to take action with blogs.  First, you can use our talking points, personal stories of people going on the Gaza Freedom March, and our FAQs on the Goldstone Report to guide your own blog posts about the anniversary of "Operation Cast Lead" and the Gaza Freedom March.  Then, even if you don't have your own blog, you can post comments on other people's blogs.  Search for blog posts about Operation Cast Lead, the Gaza Strip, or relationship between the U.S. and Israel and then post your own comments about the Gaza Freedom March, the need for accountability for war crimes committed during "Operation Cast Lead," and the need for an end to Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip.

Click here to follow the US Campaign on Twitter.  We will generate Tweets all day on December 31st to educate and activate our followers about the siege of Gaza.