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Organizing Resources

Israeli Apartheid Week organizing packet for 2010
This packet was put together by the international Israeli Apartheid Week organizing committee, click here to download it as a PDF.

US Campaign Anti-Apartheid Resources
Use these resources to educate your community about the realities of Israeli apartheid.  Click here to access our resources that include factsheets, video, posters, and more.

Anti-Apartheid Curriculum
Use our anti-apartheid training curriculum at teach-ins to help your allies better understand of Israeli Apartheid.
Click here to download the curriculum as a PDF

Do It Yourself Apartheid
This excellent resource on Israel's apartheid practices (especially in economic realm) toward Palestinians is available in English and Spanish.  Click here to access Stop the Wall's Do It Yourself Apartheid resources.

Omar Barghouti's 2009 Israeli Apartheid Week speech
Click here to read Omar Barghouti's remarks from his appearances during last year's Israeli Apartheid Week.

Outreach Resources

Video trailer for Israeli Apartheid Week 2009
Click here to use this short video when reaching out to allies to join you in organizing for Israeli Apartheid Week.

Media Resources

How to write a letter to the editor
Letter to the editor are a great way to respond to media controversy and get your message to the public.  Click here to use these resources to write a letter to the editor that get's published.

How to get an op-ed published
Op-eds are a great way to get your message into the public discourse.  Op-eds generally allow more space to get your message out than letters to editors do.  Click here for our tips on submitting an op-ed.

How to pitch a story
Use our resources to get your event covered by the media.  Click here to download tips on talking to the media and how to frame your story.

Sample media release
Click here to use our sample media release to help in your media outreach efforts.