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Rachel Corrie Facts and Myths
Click here to download this factsheet in PDF.  This short document debunks several of the myths surrounding Rachel's life and death.

Razing Rafah
Human Rights Watch published this report on Israel's mass home demolitions in the Gaza Strip.  Click here to read this report, which focuses on Rafah, where Rachel Corrie worked and met her untimely death.

Caterpillar: The Alternative Report
This report, published by War on Want (UK), details Caterpillar's involvement in Israel's polices of demolishing Palestinian homes and agricultural land.  Click here to download this report in PDF.

Israel and the Occupied Territories: Under the Rubble: house demolition and destruction of land and property
Click here to access Amnesty International's report on Israel's use of Caterpillar equipment to destroy Palestinian property in violation of international law.

Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice
This foundation was founded by Rachel's friends and family following her death.  Click here to visit their website, which contains more background on Rachel's life, updates about lawsuits related to her death, and information about continuing her legacy of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions (ICAHD)
This organization is committed to nonviolent direction action to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian property and to helping residents rebuild after demolitions.  Click here to visit ICAHD's website, which houses reports and factsheets about Israel's demolition policies.