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Talking Points on the UC Berkeley Student Government Divestment Resolution

  • Divesting from corporations profiting from Israeli occupation and apartheid practices is not anti-Israel. Divestment from these corporations is one way to push for more sustainable Israeli policies that will benefit everyone in the long-run.As the Obama administration is currently learning, sometimes being a friend to Israel means tough love.

  • The ASUC have already voted overwhelmingly to support SB 118, please remember your motivation for the original vote and don’t be bullied by political interest groups.

  • United Technologies and General Electric provide military equipment that Israel uses in gross patterns of human rights abuses and violations of international law. These violations have been documented by the United Nations and numerous reputable human rights organizations.

  • While the ASUC and the University Board of Regents cannot adjudicate international law, they can use responsible investment to preclude complicity in violations like war crimes, collective punishment of civilians, and illegal settlement activities.

  • Socially responsible investment is an important tool for nonviolent conflict resolution and community development– divesting from war profiteers and reinvesting in communities in California is an important way for the UC to improve local life and be a leader in improving our global community.

  • United Technologies and General Electric's military equipment isn't just used by Israel; it's used to bring death and destruction around the world and the UC shouldn't be profiting from these products no matter where they are used.