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Take Action

1. Organize an emergency protest against Israel's attack on the humanitarian flotilla.  Find events near you and post your event details by clicking here.

2. Contact President Obama at 202-456-1111 or send him an email by clicking here. Ask him to:

* Condemn Israel's attack against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and support an international investigation of it.

* Find Israel in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and immediately end all military aid to Israel.

* Pressure Israel to end its illegal blockade of the occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip.

* End U.S. support for Israel's illegal 43-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

3. Request an emergency meeting with your Members of Congress during this week's Memorial Day recess.  Many Members of Congress are in their home districts this week to meet with constituents.  You can also send them a message by clicking here. 

To download a template letter you can give to your Member of Congress asking him/her to have the State Department investigate whether Israel violated the Arms Export Control Act by attacking the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, please click here: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/downloads/gazafreedomflotilla_dearcolleageletter.doc

4. Get the story out to the media.  Use our talking points below, and for tips on how to engage in media activism, please click here

* The Gaza Freedom Flotilla boats were attacked by the Israeli military in international waters, a clear violation of international law. The Israeli military killed civilians in international water, arguably a war crime.

* So far there has been a complete media blackout of the flotilla members. Why arenít we hearing from those who have been attacked? Why arenít media outlets making a bigger deal about Israel denying them access to those who have been arrested?

* The ships were boarded by an elite commando unit of the Israeli military, armed with heavy automatic weapons. Israel must be held responsible for this use of disproportionate force and for recklessly endangering the lives of all civilians onboard.

* The Gaza Freedom Flotilla was attempting to break Israelís illegal and immoral siege of the 1.5 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. These Palestinians have been denied rebuilding materials after Israelís December 2008-January 2009 assault on the Gaza Strip, codenamed ďOperation Cast Lead.Ē In addition to killing more than 1400 Palestinians, Operation Cast Lead caused $2 billion in infrastructural damage, but Israel has consistently refused to allow rebuilding materials into the Gaza Strip. High-end medical supplies, as well as a revolving list of items that has included pasta, jam, and cardamom, have also been denied.

* This act of piracy in international waters, which has reportedly resulted in the deaths of as many as 19 activists, the wounding of 50-80, and the abduction of the Freedom Flotilla ships, is aided and abetted by U.S. military aid to Israel.  In July 2008, the United States signed a contract worth $1.9 billion to transfer the latest-generation of naval combat vessels to Israel at U.S. taxpayer expense.  Currently, Congress is in the process of appropriating a record $3.2 billion in military aid to Israel this budget year.

5. Learn more about the deadly impact of U.S. military aid to Israel and take action to end it by clicking here.