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Relationships and Goals of Occupation Free Faith Communities

An Occupation Free Faith Community commits to take specific advocacy steps to bring about a just peace in Israel/Palestine. Occupation Free Congregations can be churches, mosques, synagogues, or temples. Or they can be particular committees, taskforces, or boards within these communities that focus on Israel/Palestine or on peace and social justice issues.

They can be Bible study groups, clergy groups, or campus ministries. Or they can be regional groupings of faith communities, or interfaith organizations.

Regardless of size, they should be groups that meet regularly, and should:

1. Write a group covenant affirming the faith commitment to peacemaking and justice-seeking, and to the importance of international law, human rights, and equality for all in resolving the conflict in Palestine and Israel

a. The covenant should specify what actions the group will take over the coming year to challenge U.S. military aid to Israel, promote corporate and economic accountability, and challenge theological complicity and silence in the violence and oppression in the Holy Land
b. We encourage you to make this covenant public—by posting on a website, Including it in bulletins or materials produced by your faith community, posting it on a bulletin board at your meeting place, etc.

c. Your group should regularly check in with each other and hold each other accountable to the covenant

2. Send this covenant to the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation so that the US Campaign can register the group as an Occupation Free Faith Community

3. Identify a contact person who will serve as a liaison between the group and the US Campaign

4. We ask for a donation to the US Campaign. We suggest $100/year

a. It is not required
b. It is an “according to your resources” donation

In return, what can an Occupation Free Congregation expect from the US Campaign?

1. Connecting and facilitating communication between people of faith working for justice and peace for Palestinians and Israelis

2. Assistance and training in organizing, mobilizing, and advocacy

3. Access to the US Campaign’s website to post the group’s contact information, web site link, and events

4. Publicity of the groups reports, campaigns, initiatives to other member organizations through the website, blog, and newsletter of the US Campaign.