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Stand with Farmers. Replant an Olive Tree.

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  Volume 8; Number 14                                                                    Occupation End Notes                                                     September 10, 2010

In this Issue

  • Stand with Farmers. Replant an Olive Tree.
  • October 2 March on Washington
  • Seeking Interns!
  • Our take on the negotiations
  • TIAA-CREF: Divest!
  • California divestment initiative
  • CARE releases board member over settlement involvement
  • US artists join Israeli artists' settlement boycott
  • Letter to Pete Seeger
  • US Campaign Store!
  • Member Groups, Member Groups Everywhere!
  • Donate Today

Events Around the Nation


  • Sausalito
    September 15
    U.S. Boat to Gaza: San Fran Boat Cruise


  • Northampton
    September 12
    Flotilla on the Connecticut: U.S. Boat to Gaza Fundraizer

District of Columbia

  • Washington
    September 15
    When Settlers Attack
  • Washington
    September 23
    The New Media & Palestine: Blogging Out of Conflict
  • Washington
    September 28
    The Settlement Freeze and the Peace Process Freeze


New York

  • Brooklyn
    September 21

    Siege Busters Ball: U.S. Boat to Gaza Fundraiser


  • Arlington
    September 19
    Fundraiser for U.S. Boat to Gaza


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Support Our Work:

Stand with Farmers.

Replant an Olive Tree.

Replant an olive tree in Palestine.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is proud to partner with Canaan Fair Trade to replant olive trees in Palestine, especially in this special season of charitable giving, centered on Muslim and Jewish holidays.

You can help Palestinian farmers remain steadfast on their land and nonviolently resist Israeli occupation by donating to replant an olive tree.

For centuries, olive trees have formed the backbone of Palestinian agriculture. Yet, as part of its illegal military occupation, Israel has systematically uprooted them by the thousands to clear land for illegal Israeli settlements, apartheid fences and walls, and to dispossess Palestinian farmers of their lands and livelihoods.

For every $25 tax-deductible contribution to support the work of the US Campaign, we will replant one olive tree in Palestine. Donate $100 and we replant five. Make your tax-deductible contribution today.

After receiving your donation, the US Campaign and Canaan Fair Trade will electronically send you a Trees for Life certificate. You can replant a tree in your name or in honor of a loved one. Just let us know how you'd like the certificate to read.  Click here to replant an olive tree today.

Remember that it is our taxpayer dollars ($3 billion of annual military aid to Israel) that have financed the Israeli army's purchase of Caterpillar bulldozers and heavy machinery used to uproot trees. Please make your tax-deductible contribution to the US Campaign today so that we can both help replant olive trees and continue our work to end U.S. support for Israeli abuses of Palestinian human rights.

To make a donation by phone, call 202-332-0994. Or mail a check, cashier's check or money order to: US Campaign, PO Box 21539WashingtonDC 20009.  Be sure to indicate "Replanting Olive Trees Campaign" on your check, and the name to be printed on the certificate.

Additionally, for even more serious solidarity with the olive farmers, anyone cantravel to Palestine for the2010 Olive Harvest Campaignof the International SolidarityMovement (ISM), a US Campaign member group.

One Nation Working Together

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is proud to endorse "The Peace Table," the peace and anti-war voice of the "One Nation Working Together" October 2 march on Washington, DC, "for a future of justice at home and peace abroad, where we create good jobs for all of us and take on the great challenges we face as a nation."

This march will bring together hundreds of thousands of people from trade unions, faith organizations, and activists for economic and racial justice, environmentalists, and the peace and justice movement.

We'll be there to support demands for jobs and economic justice by calling for the United States to end military aid to Israel and redirect it toward unmet needs here at home.

We'll have signs, banners, fliers and petitions, but we need you and your organization to help us organize and make the demand for ending U.S. military aid to Israel front and center at this year's most important Washington, DC, peace and justice rally!

Join the US Campaign to form an "End U.S. Military Aid to Israel" contingent, and help us organize march participants to redirect $30 billion in military aid to Israel (FY2009-2018) to unmet needs here at home.

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Intern with the US Campaign

The US Campaign is seeking interns for fall semester! Come to Washington, DC, andhelp us implement the US Campaign's main program priorities during the fall season, including:

  • Challenging U.S. policy

  • Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns

  • Membership, outreach, and coalition building

  • Media and social networking

  • Tech support

Our interns work 10-30 hours a week, supervised by our Washington staff.Applicants will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the positions are filled.  

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The Photo-Op Is Over: Get Our Take on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

Last week, the Obama Administration reconvened direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. In addition to delivering a petition to the White House signed by more than 5,000 people and organizing a White House vigil calling for a just peace based on human rights, international law, and UN resolutions, the US Campaign was all over the media, spreading our critical analysis of these negotiations.

From op-eds in The Hill and The Huffington Post, to radio interviews on Pacifica, CounterSpin, Antiwar.com, Talk Nation Radio, to TV appearances on Russia Today, check out all the latest US Campaign appearances "In the News."

And don't forget to check out our own newly released spoof video of the negotiations, which already has close to 2,000 views on YouTube.

TIAA-CREF: Divest from the Occupation

Jewish Voice for Peace, US Campaign Member Group

The US Campaign has endorsed another exciting BDS initiative:

TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity) and CREF (College Retirement Equities Fund) make up one of the world's largest financial services companies.  Jewish Voice for Peace is working to stop TIAA-CREF from "investing in companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem." Some of TIAA-CREF's investments include Caterpillar, Elbit Systems, Motorola, Veolia and Northrop Gumman.

Join more than 15,000 people of conscience who have already signed JVP's petition to TIAA-CREF.  Click here to sign.

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US Campaign endorses California divestment initiative

The US Campaign has endorsed an exciting statewide ballot initiative in California. Earlier this week, the California Israel Divestment Campaign held a press conference in Los Angeles launching their campaign.  

"California retirement funds have their own disturbing record," said local campaign organizer Sherna Gluck, a member of the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS).  "Our public retirement systems have more than $1.5 billion invested in at least eight companies that provide war materials and services used in violation of internationally recognized human rights, including support for the illegal Israeli settlements and the 'Separation Wall.'"

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CARE Board Member Takes Leave of Absence over Employer's Support for Israeli Settlements

Adalah-NY, US Campaign Member Group

A board member of the leading international humanitarian aid organization, CARE USA, has taken a voluntary leave of absence due to the involvement of his employer, Africa Israel, in Israeli settlement activities. His move last week followed a July 12 letter by the human rights group Adalah-NY, addressing CARE USA, outlining Africa Israel's settlement ties, followed by letters from Jews Say No, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), CODEPINK, and meetings and discussions between representatives from CARE, Adalah-NY and JVP.

Riham Barghouti from Adalah-NY explained, "We thank CARE USA for acting swiftly to appropriately address this issue once it was brought to their attention."

Previously, CARE, one of the world's largest humanitarian aid organizations, had joined other major humanitarian groups in opposing Israeli settlements, including in the "The Middle East Quartet: A Progress Report." Africa Israel and other companies of the Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev have been the subject of a growing international boycott due to their settlement activities.

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Sondheim, Moore, et al. Support Israeli Boycott


Jewish Voice for Peace, a US Campaign member group, has collected more than 150 names of Obie/Emmy/Tony/Pulitzer- and other prize-winning theater and film professionals in support of an Israeli actors'/playwrights' boycott of Israeli settlements. The issue has exploded in Israel, and support for the boycott has gone global. See JVP's press release.

Supporters include: Theodore Bikel, Mira Nair, JuliAnne Moore, Hal Prince, Stephen Sondheim, Cynthia Nixon, Tony Kushner, Mandy Patinkin, Eve Ensler, Jennifer Tilly, Ed Asner, Wallace Shawn, James Schamus and many more.

Actor Ed Asner: "It is always amazing when actors turn down jobs. To have the actors of Israel say they will not work in those venues is truly an act of courage. I applaud them and would love to instill the actors of America with that courage."

Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of JVP: "It is especially notable that so many of the signatories are Jewish Americans with long-standing connections to Israel. We hope that the strong show of solidarity ... will help spark a new conversation in both countries." 

Learn More

US Campaign asks Pete Seeger to support justice

The US Campaign has joined dozens of other organizations supporting the cultural and academic boycott of Israel in signing a letter to acclaimed singer Pete Seeger, calling on him to cancel an upcoming concert in Israel. It reads, in part:

"As longtime admirers of your music and your commitment to social justice, and as justice-seeking activists ourselves, we were surprised and troubled to learn that you plan to participate in the event 'With Earth and Each Other: A Virtual Rally for a Better Middle East' this November... 'With Earth and Each Other' is a 'peace' event. But as you know so well, peace without justice is not peace at all."

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Wear Peace. Colorfully!

...with an exclusive End the Occupation T-shirt flashing a peace sign over the colors of the Palestinian flag.

The US Campaign is excited to present our new End the Occupation T-shirts, coffee mugs, trucker caps, and more that you can wear to show your support for the US Campaign and for human rights and justice.

Also make sure to check out our other great products, such as books and Palestinian-made olive oil, soap, couscous and more!

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Member Groups, Member Groups Everywhere! 

In an effort to better help our coalition members network and for us to better gauge the coalition's regional diversity, we have put together a map with our more than 325 coalition members represented by state. Don't see your group listed? Click here to join the US Campaign. Member groups, now that we're well into 2010, it's time to renew membership dues!

Click here to check if your group is in good standing with the US Campaign and find out how to pay dues.

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