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Organizing How-To Guide

Download our Organizing How-To Guide as a PDF file and use it to get your city council to pass a resolution against military aid to Israel, freeing funds for unmet needs in your community

Draft City Council Resolution

Download our City Council Resolution Template as an editable RTF file or uneditable PDF file. The figures we use in this resolution are for Fort Wayne, Indiana. Find your city's figures at

Feel free to alter the language in this template resolution as you see fit for your city.


Download PDFs of our "Fund Community Needs" color placard at 8-1/2-by-11-inch (letter) size or 18-by-24-inch (yard sign) size.

Contact us to request a free custom placard showing the name of your city.

Conference Call

Photo: Lisa Savage & CJ MinsterThe US Campaign held a conference call on February 15, 2012, to share expertise with community organizers about winning local campaigns to pass city council resolutions to end U.S. military aid to Israel. Our special guests were two activists who have done extraordinary work to pass local and national resolutions to end U.S. spending on wars and redirect the money to unmet community needs: C.J. Minster and Lisa Savage. Listen to a recording of the call: