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Media Release: Report Denounces Weapons to Israel as AIPAC Assembles


March 5, 2012

Washington, DC (Monday, March 5) -- As members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) prepare to lobby tomorrow on Capitol Hill for more U.S. weapons for Israel, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will launch its first policy paper, which calls for the United States to end military aid to Israel. The report release comes after President Barack Obama stated yesterday at AIPAC's policy conference that "Despite a tough budget environment, our security assistance [to Israel] has increased every single year."

"U.S. Military Aid to Israel: Policy Implications & Options," establishes the legal, political, economic, strategic and human rights rationale for ending $30 billion of U.S. taxpayer-financed weapons transfers to Israel from 2009 to 2018. The 40-page paper can be downloaded at:

The US Campaign will present the policy paper at a briefing on Tuesday, March 6, 12:30-2:00pm, at the Palestine Center, 2425 Virginia Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037. For additional details and to RSVP, please click here. Printed copies of the policy paper will be distributed at the briefing.

The briefing culminates the five-day series of events, "Occupy AIPAC."

National Advocacy Director Josh Ruebner, who authored the paper, stated:

"U.S. military aid to Israel is a policy that is running on autopilot and must be reconsidered. U.S. weapons provided to Israel at taxpayer expense make us complicit in Israelís human rights abuses of Palestinians living under Israelís 44-year military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip and defeat U.S. foreign policy objectives of halting Israeli settlement expansion, ending Israeli military occupation, and establishing a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace."

The policy paper highlights the following facts, among others:

From 2000 to 2009, the United States appropriated $24.1 billion of military aid to Israel, transferring more than 670 million weapons, rounds of ammunition, and related equipment.

From 2000 to 2009, Israel killed at least 2,969 unarmed Palestinians, including 1,128 children, often with U.S. weapons in violation of the Foreign Assistance Act and Arms Export Control Act.

From 2009 to 2018, the United States is scheduled to give Israel $30 billion in military aid, a 25 percent annual average increase over previous levels of military aid, despite its negative political and strategic ramifications.

From the Eisenhower to Bush, Sr. Administrations, at least 10 times the United States conditioned aid to Israel, threatened to cut off aid to Israel, or sanctioned Israel for violating U.S. laws and/or working against foreign policy objectives.

Since 2000, Members of Congress and/or the State Department have investigated or requested investigations into Israelís potential misuse of U.S. weapons at least five times; however, no public action has been taken to hold Israel accountable for its violations of U.S. laws.

With the same amount of money that the United States gives each year to fund weapons for Israel, the federal government could instead fund affordable housing vouchers for 350,000 low-income families, or green jobs training for 500,000 unemployed workers, or early reading programs for 900,000 at-risk students, or primary health care to 24 million people without insurance.

The policy paper concludes with specific policy recommendations for the President and Congress to ensure that any money appropriated in the future for additional weapons to Israel are not misused to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians, but to further U.S. foreign policy objectives.


The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more than 380 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality.
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Media Release: U.S. Coalition Contributes to Global Military Embargo on Israel ">


July 8, 2011

Washington, DC -- The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (US Campaign) contributed today to the launch of a global military embargo campaign against Israel initiated by the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee (BNC).

The BNC, inaugurating its campaign on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel, stated that:

"A comprehensive military embargo on Israel is long overdue. It would form a crucial step towards ending Israel's unlawful and criminal use of force against the Palestinian people and other peoples and states in the region and would constitute an effective, non-violent measure to pressure Israel to comply with its obligations under international law."

The US Campaign contributed to this global initiative today by launching its latest website: as part of its ongoing campaign to end more than $3 billion per year of U.S. military aid to Israel.

The website provides activists with ideas, resources, and inspiration for running effective, long-term campaigns to pass city council resolutions calling on the federal government to end U.S. military aid to Israel and redirect that money to unmet needs here at home.

Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director, noted that "At a time when cities across the country are struggling with budget deficits, it is more important than ever for people in the United States to reexamine the financial and moral problems posed by providing Israel $30 billion in weapons from 2009 to 2018. These U.S. weapons are misused by Israel to commit human rights abuses of Palestinians, making us complicit in Israel's illegal 44-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. We should be spending money building affordable housing, rather than paying for Israel to misuse Caterpillar bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes."    

The new website joins others in a series designed to educate people in the United States about the financial and moral costs of providing Israel with weapons.  The website highlights the community costs of providing $30 billion in taxpayer-funded weapons to Israel from 2009 to 2018 and the budgetary trade-offs involved.

The website documents in detail the more than 670 million weapons given to Israel by the United States from 2000 to 2009 and the devastating impact these weapons have on Palestinian civilians.

The US Campaign reiterated today its demand that the State Department conduct a credible and transparent investigation into Israel's previous violations of the Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act, and hold Israel accountable for these violations by ending U.S. military aid as required by law.


The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more than 380 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality. For more information see