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Take Action as Palestinian Freedom Riders Make History

Tomorrow, November 15, in an act of civil disobedience inspired by the U.S. Civil Rights Movement's "Freedom Riders" of 50 years ago, West Bank Palestinian activists will attempt to board Israeli settler buses to occupied East Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Freedom Riders will assert their right to liberty and dignity by actively challenging Israel's apartheid policies, including its segregated transportation systems, and its denial of access for Palestinians to Jerusalem. The Freedom Riders have been praised by Pulitzer Prize laureate Alice Walker and former adviser and friend to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Clarence B. Jones.

At 7:00 am EST (4:00 am PST) tomorrow, visit www.livestream.com/freedomriders (link will become public when it's live) to watch history unfold as the Palestinian Freedom Riders attempt to board the settler buses. You can also "like" the Freedom Riders Facebook Page and follow the Freedom Riders on Twitter.

Cartoon by Ethan Heitner, www.freedomfunnies.com

Civil disobedience carries dire consequences for the Palestinian people, as it did for the U.S. Freedom Riders. The threat of imprisonment or physical attacks by settlers and the Israeli military is very real. The Freedom Riders are calling for solidarity from people of conscience around the world.

Activists and member groups are mobilizing throughout the United States to show solidarity with the Freedom Riders tomorrow. There are actions and "teach-ins" planned in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Twin Cities, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Click here for more information on local actions and for a media and action toolkit developed by US Campaign coalition member Jewish Voice for Peace.

At 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST), one of the US Campaign's newest member groups, Ta'anit Tzedek - Jewish Fast for Gaza, will host a conference call with Ellen Broms, one of the historic U.S. Freedom Riders. Click here for details to participate in the call.

In Oakland, activists will protest outside the offices of Veolia, a French multinational company that runs many of the buses in Israel's segregated transportation system. Veolia has been a target of multiple divestment campaigns worldwide, including the "We Divest Campaign." Veolia holds contracts in hundreds of cities around the United States. Click here to find out if Veolia is operating near you.

In a statement today, the Freedom Riders write:

"As we struggle for our people's basic rights, we call on the peoples of the world to support our struggle for freedom like they supported the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. We ask that they devote themselves to the noblest methods of solidarity with the oppressed by implementing boycott, divestment and sanctions on our oppressor, Israel. We demand freedom, justice and self determination."

There are many ways to take action tomorrow to support the Palestinian Freedom Riders. Watchdemonstrate, target Veolia, and spread the word. As always, send us photos, videos, and reports from actions so we can publicize your activities in support of these courageous Palestinian activists struggling for the same ideals of the U.S. Freedom Riders: freedom, equality, and justice.