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How Did Your Members of Congress Do this Year?

by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director
December 13th, 2011

Find Out on Our New Interactive Congressional Report Card

Did YOUR Representative sponsor a resolution encouraging Israel to annex the Palestinian West Bank? Did YOUR Senators vote to sanction Palestinians for seeking UN membership? 

Find out now on our new and improved, interactive 112th Congressional Report Card.

We've had Congressional Report Cards for ten years now, but you've probably never seen one like this before. It lets you "slice and dice" all the details as you want to see them. Check out this amazing new educational resource right now!

Our report card confirms what's already known by anyone who saw Members of Congress madly cheer during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rejectionist address to Congress earlier this year; namely, that Congress, on the whole, horribly and unapologetically supports Israeli occupation and apartheid against Palestinians.

We've selected six items from the Senate and 11 from the House that will give you a good overview of the types of bills, resolutions, and "Dear Colleague" letters that have preoccupied Members of Congress this year in defining U.S. policy on Israel/Palestine.  It's not an exhaustive list because, well, that would be just too mind-numbing.  We've omitted dozens of repetitive or fringe initiatives to give you instead an easily digestible overview

After you check out our new, interactive report card, we're sure you'll agree that we still have A LOT of work to educate Members of Congress to change their voting to support a U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel based on human rights, international law, and equality. 

It's certainly not going to be an easy task, especially given all the Israel lobby PAC funds that Members of Congress receive to literally jump up and down at Netanyahu's beck and call.  But who said that political change is easy?

We hope that--after viewing our Congressional Report Card and yelling at your computer screen over the outrage of it all--you'll roll up your sleeves and devote yourself in 2012 to becoming a Congressional District Coordinator and help us organize and mobilize in your Congressional District to educate these Members of Congress who obviously need to be schooled.

Get started on exploring our new report card by watching this three-minute instructional video to get a sense of how to use all the interactive features to find the information that most interests you. 

Above: Click to watch our quick how-to video. 

We'll be updating this report card frequently, so bookmark it, refer back to it often, and, while you're at it, share it with your friends by posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media you use.

A huge thanks to our fall intern Amanda McQuade and Steering Committee Co-chair Peter Miller for their research and technical expertise in assembling and displaying this great new resource.

By the way, we can produce high-quality educational resources like our new Congressional Report Card because of the generous support we receive from people like you.  If you value the work we do to educate and organize people to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights, international law, and equality, then please make your year-end tax-deductible donation right now!  Thank you for your support.