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Take Action as Israel Intensifies Its Attacks on Gaza

by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director
November 19th, 2012


Palestinian Death Toll Rises toward 100óHelp Us Stop the Killing

Photo credit: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

As of this morning, Israel has killed at least 93 Palestinians in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip since November 8, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.  At least 64 Palestinians killed were civilians, including at least 21 children.

Yesterday, an Israeli airstrike on the densely-populated residential neighborhood of Naser in Gaza City killed at least 12 Palestinians, including at least 10 members of the Al-Dalu family

Israelís atrocities against Palestinians are being carried out with U.S. weapons given to Israel at taxpayer expense. Israel is allowed to continue its attacks on the Gaza Strip because of U.S. diplomatic support

That makes us complicit in and responsible for Israelís human rights abuses of Palestinians and why we need to take action to end Israelís impunity

As we continue our activism to end Israelís attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, we've prepared these talking points to help you to write letters-to-the-editor and op-eds to your local papers, call in to radio talk shows, and call and write your elected officials.

In addition to making your voice heard in the media and with your elected officials, we also urge you to:

Join an emergency protest or organize one yourself.  There are dozens of emergency actions planned across the country this week, which you can view here. Be sure to add your protest to this calendar.

Write and call President Obama demanding that he exert diplomatic pressure on Israel for an immediate cease-fire and initiate an investigation into Israelís misuse of U.S. weapons to commit human rights abuses of Palestinians. Already, thousands of you have sent the president a letter. Help us get as many letters sent as possible by posting the alert to Facebook and Twitter

Make a tax-deductible donation to the US Campaign to support our Facebook and Google ad campaigns to build support for our political demands. Since Thursday, more than one million people have viewed our ads. Your donation will go immediately to supporting these ads.

Also, check out some great resources from our friends at the Institute for Middle East Understanding with background information and a toolkit from member group Jewish Voice for Peace.

Thanks for taking action during this crisis.


Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director