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by Anna Baltzer & Ramah Kudaimi
January 3rd, 2013

Do you like making videos? Or maybe you just like watching them? Either way, here’s an exciting new opportunity to show SodaStream that all the money in the world cannot hide its dirty secret: that it is produced in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank through the exploitation of Palestinian land, resources, and labor. Now SodaStream wants to clean up its reputation by spending millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl on February 3, 2013. 

Postcard by member groups in Asheville, North Carolina. Click for photos.

SodaStream reported that “the US will be the first market to air the TV commercial” as part of the “Set the Bubbles Free” campaign. Click here to see the SodaStream ad!

We do not have millions of dollars, but we have you!

Create Your Own of the Super Bowl SodaStream Ad Spoof!

A coalition of groups including the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is calling on activists to create SodaStream spoof ads in time for the Super Bowl.


  • Upload your video to YouTube. You can find instructions to do that here. 

  • After your video is uploaded, send its YouTube link to boycottsodastream@gmail.com. Please include your name, city, state, zip code and organization if applicable. 

  • Once your video has been accepted, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours letting you know it has been added to the "2013 SodaStream Super Bowl Ad Spoof" playlist.

  • Encourage people to watch and like your video! Use #BoycottSodaStream on Twitter, as well as #SodaStreamParty (details here) and #SB47 (official Super Bowl hashtag). 

  • Submit your video by 5:00pm EST on Friday, February 1! We will be asking people to vote for their favorite on Super Bowl Sunday during their Fizzless for Freedom House Parties! The winning filmmaker will receive free registration for our 2013 National Organizers' Conference and their video will be prominently featured in an upcoming national SodaStream boycott campaign and online -- on our website and others.

  • You can also get involved with Super Bowl SodaStream actions by hosting a Fizzless for Freedom House Party or signing up to do some Twitter activism


SodaStream manufactures and distributes home carbonating devices and flavorings for soft drinks. Its products can be found in retail stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Costco, and others -- including those listed here. The company’s main production site is in the illegal West Bank settlement of the Mishor Edomin Industrial Zone, where the company conceals the fact that its products are manufactured in a settlement by using ‘Made in Israel’ labels. As an Israeli settlement manufacturer, it exploits Palestinian land, resources, and labor. 

Companies that produce in the settlements enjoy several structural advantages, such as tax incentives, lax enforcement of regulations, as well as additional governmental support. Despite SodaStream’s location in the West Bank, goods produced here do not serve the local population; instead, 65% of goods are shipped elsewhere and taxes and profits go to support the Israeli economy---not Palestinians. 

Click here to visit the excellent Global Exchange site about SodaStream.
Click here for a report on SodaStream. 
Click here to see some of their arguments and counter-arguments.


How about this juicy (fizzy?) stuff straight from the horse’s mouth?

Here are some of SodaStream’s slogans:  

  • “Get busy with the fizzy.”

  • “If you love the bubble, set it free.” (How about this instead? “If you love people, set them free. Don’t buy Sodastream.”)

  • “Set the bubbles free.” (Set the people free?)

  • “Join us and millions of rebels; join our bubbly revolution.” 

  • “With SodaStream, you can save 2,000 bottles per year.”

Here are some direct quotes from SodaStream’s CEO Daniel Birnbaum:

  • “The bottle and can thing will be illegitimate and uncool one day.” [Source]

  • “It’s [bottles and cans are] harmful to people and the environment.” [Source]

  • “It won't be long until soda companies realize this and start offering do-it-yourself solutions of their own. Or they'll be behind.” [Source] (Guess what's illegitimate, uncool, and harmful to people and the environment? Settlements and occupation! How’s BDS for a do-it-yourself solution?)

  • “I am the one who loves the Palestinian. I am taking care of them.” [Source] (Wait, isn’t that what slave-owners in the South used to say about their slaves? And what leaders of the apartheid government in South Africa used to say about South African people of color?) 

You can see there is lots of material to work with! They are practically begging for a spoof!

No better place to start than taking a look at some of the SodaStream ads! In addition to the “SodaStream Effect” ad, you could also spoof many other ads by SodaStream like these.

And you can visit the Holiday SodaStream Boycott webpage if you’re looking for images from other Boycott SodaStream demonstrations over the past couple months.

Also check out videos of SodaStream actions from across the United States!  


  • Have an action item at the end.
    -Ask people to sign Interfaith Boycott SodaStream Petition at sodastreamboycott.org.
     -Direct people to your organization's website or www.bdsmovement.net for more information.
  • Make it short (ideally under 3 minutes). Make it funny. Make it creative. Make it the kind of video you’d like to see on Facebook and send to your friends! We want the message to “go viral!” For example, here’s Boycott SodaStream caroling video that’s quite original. 
  • We need to show our faces and tell our stories. Just get in front of your computer and film yourself talking to or about SodaSteam! Here’s an example (not SodaStream related) from Rae Abileah, a Palestine-solidarity activist. Here’s another example, caroling against SodaStream. 

  • When filming, pay attention to audio. Sound is crucial. People may watch a film that is a bit out of focus if they can hear the dialog. On the other hand, a wonderfully focused movie with hard-to-hear dialog is not worth nearly as much. 

  • When filming, let the action in front of the camera be the star. If you move too much or too fast, or if you zoom in and out too much or too fast, you are simply distracting the viewer and detracting from the action and message. 

Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, and publicize them to people around the world. Let 2013 be the year we truly burst SodaStream’s bubble!

Email boycottsodastream@gmail.com if you have any questions.