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Countdown Begins! VOTE NOW for Your Favorite SodaStream Spoof Ad!

by Ramah Kudaimi, Membership and Outreach Coordinator
February 2nd, 2013

Super Bowl Tomorrow! Vote NOW for your favorite SodaStream Spoof & Join Twitter Actions!

Our month-long boycott SodaStream campaign around the Super Bowl is culminating this weekend!  

Now it's time to VOTE on your favorite Boycott SodaStream Spoof Ad!

Member groups and activists are busy planning actions and "Fizzless for Freedom" parties in California, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico,Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Indiana, and Massachusetts!

The SodaStream Super Bowl ad and protests against the company for its exploitation of Palestinian labor, land, and resources have made it into mainstream media again. Foreign Policy covered the Interfaith Boycott Coalition's recently launched Boycott SodaStream petition(have you signed it yet?) asking consumers and stores to stop buying and selling SodaStream. 

Let's use this attention on SodaStream and its controversial ad to "fizzle out" occupation profiteering! Take these actions this weekend:

Watch and vote for your favorite SodaStream Spoof Ad!Make sure to share the videos and contest with your friends on Facebook and tweet them too! 

Sign the Interfaith Boycott SodaStream petition. Several of our member groups have come together to promote shared values of freedom, justice, and equality. Post the petition on Facebook and tweet it to your followers.

Tweet! We have put together sample tweets to help with social media activism before and during the Super Bowl. Follow @US_Campaign on game day to get updates on hashtags to use. Make sure that when you are tweeting you include a link to either the SodaStream spoof ads (http://ow.ly/hluYk) or the petition (http://ow.ly/hlv3x). 

Click on "Tweet now" to automatically tweet these sample tweets:

  • #SuperBowl If you love the bubbles, set them free. If you love freedom, boycott #SodaStream. Tweet now.
  • Help illegal settlements fizzle out. Boycott #SodaStream. #SB47. Tweet now. 
  • Have you tried the oppression flavor of #SodaStream? Actually it comes in every bottle. #SodaStreamParty. Tweet now.
  • The #SodaStreamAd You Won't See in the #SuperBowl #CBS.Tweet now.
  • Excited about #SuperBowl ads? You can watch them here! #SB47. Tweet now.

We will continue to add sample tweets on our website here

Take pictures of your actions and parties and share them with us via our Tumblr! You can also email them to membership@endtheoccupation.org. 

Go Human Rights! Go Justice! Boycott SodaStream! 

Ramah Kudaimi
Membership and Outreach Coordinator 

P.S. You can also support boycott SodaStream initiatives by spreading the message via Thunderclap.