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Happy Birthday BDS!

by US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation Staff
July 9th, 2013

Celebrate 8 Years of BDS 

The BDS movement turns eight years old today! 

In 2005 more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations called on people of conscience all over the world to launch broad boycotts, implement divestment initiatives, and to demand sanctions against Israel until Palestinian rights are recognized in full compliance with international law. 

Since then the
global movement for Palestinian rights has grown tremendously. Boycott campaigns have imposed a major cost on settlement products and ushered in a new climate in the academic and cultural world; divestment resolutions have passed targeting corporations that profit from Israeli occupation and apartheid; and activists worldwide have increasingly held Israel accountable for its actions. 

Will you give a gift of $80 -- $10 for every year of BDS campaigning so far -- to help the US Campaign strengthen our BDS work?

In the United States, BDS campaigns targeting corporations such as Caterpillar, Veolia, SodaStream and HP continue to gain support. Cultural boycott efforts have made it clear to artists that they cannot help whitewash Israeli crimes against Palestinians without a cost. Campuses across the country are passing resolutions demanding their universities stop investing in these and other companies. People in more than 1,000 cities are organizing to end U.S. military aid for Israel.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has worked as a major resource for many BDS initiatives, providing support to groups and activists
through research, writing, briefings, trainings, presentations, workshops, days of action, policy papers, conferences, action alerts, consultations, media efforts, and much more!

But there is still lots of work to be done and we need your help. In the past eight years our coalition has more than doubled in size -- from 200 member groups to more than 400 today. More and more people are realizing the need to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights and international law. BDS campaigns are starting up all over the country- check out this map- and we can barely keep up with all the requests for support that we receive. 

Support freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians and help us raise $5,000. Your gift of $40, $80, $160, or more will allow us to continue and enhance our support for BDS campaigns and bolster efforts nationwide to end U.S. institutional support for Israeli occupation and apartheid. 

Thank you for your generous donation.

Ramah Kudaimi Josh
Kathryn Johnson Mike

P.S.--We hope to meet you in person at our 12th Annual National Organizers' Conference September 20-22 at George Mason University in Arlington, VA. Register today!