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Hey Target, #BoycottSodaStream!

by Ramah Kudaimi and Anna Baltzer
November 21st, 2013

Join Online Campaign as Groups Plan SodaStream Days of Action! 

Next week on November 29, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, more than 30 cities across the globe will begin a series of actions through December 10 to demand that stores stop selling SodaStream products, which are manufactured in an illegal Israeli settlement through the exploitation of Palestinian land, labor, and resources. 

Is your city taking part? Click here to find out, or plan your own action!

Here in the U.S, the main corporate focus will be on Target. 

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action Video
Boycott SodaStream Day of Action promo video!

In September member group Friends of Sabeel- North America sent a letter to the CEO of Target outlining why SodaStream should be deshelved. Next month activists in Minnesota are hoping to deliver 10,000 signatures collected by the Interfaith Boycott Coalition to Target's headquarters in Minneapolis demanding they stop selling SodaStream. Have you signed the petition yet?

As groups prepare actions at their local Target stores across the country, we invite you to take action via Twitter and Facebook to make sure that Target is getting the message: #BoycottSodaStream! 

Tweet the following messages! (
Click on "Tweet Now" to automatically send a tweet that includes a link to more information about SodaStream.)

  • Hey @Target, #MyKindOfHoliday is one that doesn't support occupation. Boycott #SodaStream. (Tweet Now)

  • #MyKindOfHoliday upholds human rights & equality not occupation & illegal settlements. #BoycottSodaStream (Tweet Now)

  • #TargetTruth: SodaStream manufactures its products in an illegal Israeli settlement. #BoycottSodaStream (Tweet Now)

  • SodaStream exploits resources & labor. It doesn't comply with @Target's "responsible sourcing." #TargetTruth (Tweet Now)

  • Find #BlackFriday @Target SodaStream deals here! http://youtu.be/SVNR2gxfhrk (Tweet Now)

Click here to find more sample tweets as well as tips on posting to Target's Facebook page.

We will be updating our social media take action page regularly so make sure to follow @US_Campaign and @stopsodastream on Twitter and "Like" the US Campaign and Burst the Bubble: Boycott SodaStream on Facebook for more online actions including graphics to share once they are posted.  

Let's burst SodaStream's bubble this holiday season!

P.S.- You can find details about 
actions taking place between November 29-December 10 here. If your city is not listed, visitwww.endtheoccupation.org/sodastream2013 for resources and tips on planning your own action!