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From the Streets to Social Media: #BoycottSodaStream Days of Action!

by Ramah Kudaimi, Membership & Outreach Coordinator and Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
November 29th, 2013

Today marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the launch of the 2013 Boycott SodaStream Days of Action!

Close to 40 cities across the globe are beginning a series of actions through December 10 to demand that stores stop selling SodaStream products, which are manufactured in an illegal Israeli settlement through the exploitation of Palestinian land, labor, and resources. 

There are many ways YOU can take part in the Days of Action -- in the streets or online:

Join an action in your city! Groups are planning to gather at their local Target locations and other stores that sell SodaStream to hand out flyers, sing holiday boycott carols, do flashmobs, and do other creative actions. If you don't see an action being planned in your city, click here to find resources to help you put something together, and to RSVP so we can help promote!

On Twitter? Sign up for the "Hey Target: #BoycottSodaStream" ThunderClap! A joint tweet will automatically be sent out on the last day of action -- December 10, Human Rights Day -- by all who sign up. This will help amplify the message to Target that buying products that profit from abuse of Palestinian rights isn't our kind of holiday. 

Post these Day of Action images on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks. Click on each one to automatically share with your Facebook friends.

Tweet @Target using #MyKindOfHoliday and post on Target's Facebook page! Click here for sample tweets, posts, and actions from groups targeting other stores.

Let's burst SodaStream's bubble this holiday season!