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On Human Rights Day, Amplify SodaStream Boycott Echoing Across Globe!

by Anna Baltzer and Ramah Kudaimi
December 10th, 2013

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action
Flash mob in Boston! Click for photos/videos from actions worldwide. (Photo: Skip Schiel)

The 2013 Boycott SodaStream Days of Action have been an extraordinary success, with a whopping 61 actions in 51 cities spanning 17 states, 6 countries, and 3 continents! Congratulations to all taking part!

Today, Human Rights Day, marks the final day of action and we need your help to end with a splash! Dozens of U.S. actions asked Target stores to de-shelve illegal Israeli settlement product SodaStream -- with puppets, carols, songs, flyers, letters, meetings, a petition, and even a flash mob!

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action
Minneapolis member groups delivered signatures to Target headquarters. Click above to email the CEO to amplify their message!

Help amplify these incredible actions! Click here to send an email to Target CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel asking Target to stop selling SodaStream!

The Days of Action kicked off on Nov. 29, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and Black Friday, with new actions unfolding in city after city since then. Click here for photos and videos from actions worldwide! At Target headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, member groups delivered more than 8,400 Boycott SodaStream petition signatures, hanging a copy of the impressive list from the second story of the building.

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action
Boycotters blow bubbles in Brooklyn!
Click for photos videos from actions worldwide.
(Photo: Sainatee Suarez)

Member groups and activists in Washington, DC; Ithaca and Brooklyn, NY; St. Louis, MO; Adelaide, Australia; Rome, Italy; London, England; and beyond sang Christmas carols and Hannukah songs with creative lyrics exposing the truth about SodaStream. New York boycotters blew bubbles and Asheville, NC boycotters sang songs in Santa hats. Meanwhile, member groups Jewish Voice for Peace and American Friends Service Committee in Boston did a Boycott SodaStream flash mob "No More SodaStreamin'" to the tune of "California Dreamin'" -- here's the video!

Students in Omaha protest SodaStream. Click for photos from actions worldwide.

Students at the University of Nebraska and Princeton demonstrated, learned debke, and passed out flyers to "burst the bubbles of injustice." Member groups in Milwaukee, WI; Colorado Springs, CO; Kansas City, MO; Philadelphia, PA; and Rochester and White Plains, NY braved the frosty weather (snow and sleet in some cases!) carrying beautiful signs and banners and engaging shoppers in conversation and with flyers while counterparts in Brighton and Cardiff, United Kingdom did the same.

Want to stay warm and magnify the days of action at once? Take action online! Click here to send an email to Target's CEO now!

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action
Portland activists boycott SodaStream. Click above for photos/videos from actions worldwide.

The U.S. West Coast was also well represented as member groups across California -- in Chico, Davis, Hayward, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and San Diego -- and in Portland, OR marched, demonstrated, and leafleted at Target stores as well as tabling at a farmers market and bazaar. Further north, member groups in Seattle, WA took to the streets and made spectacular waves online with a creative "Sur La TaBLITZ," the "Tell Bartell" campaign, and a hilarious "Apartheid Adventures" video series -- just a few examples of Day of Action's many online aspects, which continue.

The United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel, a network of members and friends of the United Church of Canada, launched the "Unsettling Goods Campaign" in 13 cities across Canada, calling for the boycott of SodaStream and other settlement products. The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid picketed the downtown Toronto Bed Bath and Beyond store. Other activists performed a boycott SodaStream skit outside the annual fundraiser for the Jewish National Fund.

SodaStream 2013 Day of Action
From Westchester, NY to Rome, Italy... Click above for photos and videos from actions worldwide.

In Marseilles, France, activists spoke to shoppers, including one who promptly returned a newly purchased SodaStream product -- captured on video here. Soon after, activists in Italy held actions across the country -- with great success! Following a creative skit, singing performance, and petition delivery in their store, shop owners in Rome took immediate action to de-shelve SodaStream. Local bars and restaurants are joining a trend of hanging window signs declaring themselves "SodaStream-free."

Help make Target "SodaStream-free" too! Click here to email CEO Steinhafel today!

When you email Target, you join activists in more than 50 cities worldwide in this truly historic holiday series of actions.

Burst SodaStream's bubble
and take action today!