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Take Action on Twitter!

Sign up for CODEPINK's Thunderclap action! A joint tweet will automatically be sent on January 28 by all who sign up. This will help amplify the message to Oxfam that they need to hold up their values and break ties with Scarlett. 

Find sample tweets below.

Tweet using #NoScarJo, #ScarJo, #SodaStream, #SorryCokeandPepsi .

Tweet @Oxfam, @OxfamAmerica, @oxfamgb, @Mark_Goldring1, @Winnie_Byanyima, @mattmherrick, @cjochnick, and @alunmcdonald. 

Click on Tweet Now to automatically send the tweets below that include links to more information about why Scarlett Johansson should end her deal with SodaStream. There are also Tweets related to SodaStream Super Bowl ad. 

  • As @Oxfam dialogues w/ Scarlett Johansson over ties to SodaStream, what's the deadline on hypocrisy? #NoScarJo (Tweet Now

  • Why is @Oxfam ambassador Scarlett Johansson promoting trade w/ Israel's illegal Israeli settlements? (Tweet Now

  • ! @Oxfam asks EU to match words with concrete measures to end settlements. Will Oxfam heed own advice? #NoScarJo (Tweet Now

  • Decades wasted in dialogue as settlements have taken over West Bank. @Oxfam shouldn't repeat same mistaken approach (Tweet Now

  • .@Oxfam ambassador wants to 'set the bubbles free’ w/ SodaStream, but what about freedom for Palestinians? #NoScarJo (Tweet Now

  • -@Oxfam cut ties with Kristin Davis over settlement product. Scarlett & @SodaStream requires action too @OxfamAmerica (Tweet Now)

  • Occupation is Not Green Scarlett Johansson! cc @Oxfam @OxfamAmerica @SodaStream (Tweet Now

  • .@Oxfam Global Ambassador Scarlett Johansson should feel lots of guilt normalizing military occupation cc @Winnie_Byanyima (Tweet Now

  • Scarlett Johansson should realize that the only real flavor of #SodaStream is oppression cc @SodaStream (Tweet Now)

  • SodaStream should be saying sorry to Palestinians for supporting the occupation of their land #SorryCokeandPepsi (Tweet Now

  • Don't let SodaStream's #SB48 ad fool you: Occupation is not Green! (Tweet Now) 

  • This Super Bowl, help illegal settlements fizzle out. Boycott SodaStream! #BDS (Tweet Now

  • Watch these videos at your #SodaStreamFootball Party! (Tweet Now)