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Super Bowl 2014 SodaStream Social Media Actions

Use all the attention generated by Scarlett Johansson becoming a Global Brand Ambassador for occupation profiteer SodaStream to support the growth of boycott SodaStream campaigns worldwide!

SodaStream will be airing its ad featuring Scarlett during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl on February 2 (kickoff is at 6:30pm EST). Help generate a social media storm to further raise awareness about SodaStream and its complicity in Israel's brutal military occupation. Follow @US_Campaign, @codepink, @jvplive, @AdalahNY, and @stopsodastream for more actions. 

Join Twitter Storm!

We have put together sample tweets below that you can use.

If you want to make your own tweets, use hashtags #sorrycokeandpepsi, #SB48, #SuperBowl, #Seahawks, #Broncos, and #SodaStream!  

Make sure to include links to more information about SodaStream like our Occupation is Not Green: Boycott SodaStream page (http://bit.ly/1aIvT2M) and last year's SodaStream spoof Super Bowl ads (http://bit.ly/1eiiJjF). 

Click on Tweet Now to automatically send the tweets below that include graphics or links to more information about SodaStream.

  •  Which of these is your favorite flavor of #SodaStream? (Tweet Now) 

  • #SodaStream's main factory is located in an illegal Israeli settlement on land once home to 7 Palestinian towns (Tweet Now) 

  • SodaStream has a history of mislabeling its products as “Made in Israel.” (Tweet Now) 

  • No SodaStream and #ScarJo, Occupation is Not Green! (Tweet Now) 
  • Scarlett Johansson should realize that the only real flavor of #SodaStream is oppression (Tweet Now) 

  • SodaStream should be saying sorry to Palestinians for supporting the occupation of their land #SorryCokeandPepsi (Tweet Now)

  • Don't let SodaStream's #SB48 ad fool you: Occupation is not Green! (Tweet Now) 

  • This Super Bowl, help illegal settlements fizzle out. Boycott SodaStream! #BDS (Tweet Now) 

  • Whether you're cheering for the #Seahawks or #Broncos, help human rights win by boycotting #SodaStream! (Tweet Now) 

  • Encroachment! #Sodastream’s factory is on stolen Palestinian land. (Tweet Now)

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The Institute for Middle East Understanding has created two infographics you can share highlighting land expropriation and SodaStream mislabeling its products as "Made in Israel."