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It's World Water Day! Say No to Water Apartheid

by Ramah Kudaimi, Membership & Outreach Coordinator
March 22nd, 2014

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Support Palestinian Water Rights

Today marks the start of the first International Week Against MekorotIsraelís state-owned water company that is responsible for implementing "water apartheid" on Palestinians. 

Mekorot has been responsible for water rights violations and discrimination since the 1950s, depriving Palestinian communities from access to water. It provides vital support to Israel's settlement enterprise, commits war crimes by pillaging Palestinians' natural resources, and is a proud partner of the Jewish National Fund's "Blueprint Negev" campaign to displace around 40,000 Palestinian Bedouin citizens of Israel in the Negev.

In 2005, Mekorot established a business arm to begin a process of international expansion. Several lucrative contracts have been signed in countries like the U.S., Cyprus, India, and Uganda. But civic groups are fighting back against rewarding Mekorot for its involvement in violations of international law and human rights.
In Argentina, activists recently announced they succeeded in suspending the construction of a $170 million water regeneration plant. Vitens, the largest water supplier in the Netherlands, ended a contract with Mekorot just days after it was signed.

Starting today, World Water Day, through March 30, when Palestinians mark Land Day, PENGON/Friends of the Earth Palestine, the Palestinian BDS National Committee, and the Land Defense Coalition are asking people worldwide to
say no to water apartheid!

Take the following actions targeting Mekorot and other companies like SodaStream that are complicit in depriving Palestinians of their right to water by operating in a settlement

Watch Mekorot: An Apartheid Adventure. Share with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

On Twitter? Join the Twitter storm! Use #WorldWaterDay, #StopMekorot, and #BoycottSodaStream to share facts and links about Israeli violations of Palestinian water rights and the companies that support these abuses. 
We have put together sample tweets that you can use here.

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Endorse the Marseille Declaration for Palestinian Water Rights. In 2012, water justice activists at the Alternative World Water Forum issued this declaration naming five points of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) that highlight Israelís system of water apartheid and corporate profiteering from violations of Palestinian water rights.

a movie screening and talk to raise awareness about the violation of Palestinian water rights and Mekorotís role in it. Find out if Mekorot is active in your community and consider launching a campaign against the company. Find resources here

Take a stand for water justice!

PS- Earlier this month, the Palestinian BNC called on people of conscience around the world to take concrete measures to boycott and/or work towards divestment from US footwear manufacturer New Balance and hotel chain Crowne Plaza until they end their involvement in the so-called ďJerusalem Marathon." Learn more here