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Occupation End Notes | October 13, 2004
Volume 2 Number 2

in this issue...

1. US Campaign Update: Blast-fax to the Senate; Meetings with North Carolina Groups; Minnesota Grassroots; Kansas City Regional Conference; November 29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; Email Glitch for us_campaign@endtheoccupation.org
2. New Members of the US Campaign 
3. Member Organization of the Month: The Coalition for Peace with Justice
4. Resources & Education: New Paper “The United States and the Law”; Updated US Campaign Resources Available on the Web; UN Report on the Gaza Strip
5. Events: Jerusalem Women Speak Tour; 4th Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement; Sabeel Conference; Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation Annual Conference 
6. Upcoming delegations to Israel and Palestine: Holy Land Trust


* On October 1, 2004 the US Campaign received notice that the Senate might vote on S.Res. 408 in support of Israel’s Wall before adjourning for the elections. The US Campaign and our Washington Wednesday partners blast-faxed and emailed to every Senate office the petition urging Senators to vote NO on S.Res. 408.  There are now 210 organizational signatories to this petition, which covers 33 states plus the District of Columbia.  To date, the Senate has not taken up this resolution no doubt in part because you and your organizations have let your Senators know your opinion!  Keep inundating your Senators with phone calls, faxes and emails letting them know your position on S.Res. 408.  For talking points see http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=375   

* Kymberlie Quong Charles, the US Campaign’s Membership Outreach Coordinator, will be meeting with groups in Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina following the conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement at Duke University from October 17-18.  For more information on Kymberlie’s itinerary please email outreach@endtheoccupation.org

* Josh Ruebner, the US Campaign’s Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator, will be conducting a grassroots organizing  tour in Minnesota from October 22-27.  If you would like  to organize a speaking event or meeting with Josh, or if you would like more information on his itinerary, please email congress@endtheoccupation.org

* Kansas City Regional Conference: On Saturday, November 13, 2004 the US Campaign and Citizens for Justice in the Middle East will conduct a one-day skills-building and organizing conference at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. The goals of this conference are to support and mobilize activists in this region of the country, and to continue strengthening our national network of organizers. An agenda, registration, and housing information  are on the web at: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?list=type&type=87. Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, a Kansas City based member organization of the US Campaign, is hosting this conference. The website of the group is www.cjme.org

* International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians, November 29, 2004: Save the Date! The US Campaign will be mobilizing nationally for this important international day of solidarity.
*Due to a technical glitch with our system, some emails that were sent to us_campaign@endtheoccupation.org were not making it to us.  We apologize if you have written to this account and not heard a response from us.  The glitch has been repaired and we are slowly responding to all of the backed-up email that we received.  Thank you for your patience. 



* The US Campaign is growing! We now have 160 member organizations in our coalition. The following organizations recently became members of the US Campaign’s national network of organizations working to end US support for Israel’s occupation:

-Atlanta Friends Meeting—Atlanta, GA
-Fayetteville Peace with Justice – Fayetteville, NC
-Friendship with Palestinian Christians – Winston-Salem, NC
-Middle East Peace Now – St. Paul, MN
-Pax Christi USA: National Catholic Peace Movement – Washington, DC www.paxchristiusa.org/
-Southeastern South Dakota Pax Christi—Sioux Falls, SD
-Taskforce for Peace with Justice in Palestine/Israel of the North Central New York Conference of the United Methodist Church – Corning, NY
-Tri-City Peace and Justice – Freemont, CA www.tricitypeaceandjustice.org/
-Women Against Military Madness – Minneapolis, MN www.worldwidewamm.org/

* To become a member of the US Campaign please visit
www.endtheoccupation.org/modinput4.php?modin=2 to sign our Call to Action and pay membership dues.  Join today!

* To view a complete list of organizational members of the US Campaign visit www.endtheoccupation.org/groups.php


The Coalition for Peace with Justice – Chapel Hill, NC www.peace-with-justice.org
The Coalition for Peace with Justice has recently created an ad-hoc committee that is attempting to publicize the ICJ’s advisory opinion on the Wall by placing a quarter-page add in a local North Carolina daily paper.  They are currently seeking contributions from like-minded groups and individuals in order to raise the necessary $4500 to purchase the space.  For more information about their efforts and to contribute to this project please contact aqaddomi@yahoo.com.  The text of the proposed ad is pasted below.

Israel continues to violate human rights by building its "security wall"
through occupied Palestinian territory. The wall would devastate 400,000
Palestinians by cutting them off from schools, livelihoods, health care,
family and community.

By a 14-1 vote, judges of the International Court of Justice recently
confirmed that the wall violates international law. The United Nations
General Assembly voted 150-6 to uphold the ICJ ruling. Only the United
States, Israel, Australia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau voted

We, the undersigned, support the ICJ's call to dismantle all portions of the
wall beyond Israel's internationally recognized 1967 borders. While
acknowledging Israel's security concerns, we strongly object to Israel's
using the wall to expand its territory by annexing Jewish settlements on
occupied Palestinian land.

The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits an occupying power from settling its
civilians on territory it occupies. Israel and the U.S. have been
signatories to the treaty for half a century. The ICJ calls on nations not
to assist in constructing an illegal barrier that compels Palestinians to
leave their homes to escape intolerable living conditions.

We applaud Representatives David Price and Melvin Watt for voting against
House Resolution 713 "deploring" the ICJ ruling. And we call on the rest of
our government to support multilateral cooperative efforts for peace with
justice. Unilateralism that violates international law can only inflame the



* On September 24, 2004 Josh Ruebner, the US Campaign’s Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator, presented a paper entitled “The United States and the Law” at the Palestine Center’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  This paper discusses the obligations of the United States vis-ŕ-vis the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion on Israel’s Wall, as well as strategies to bring the United States into compliance with the ICJ’s advisory opinion.  The paper and a Power Point presentation that accompanies it are  available on the US Campaign’s website at www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=398

* Updated “About Us” and “Dual Occupations” resources are now available on our website in PDF format.  Visit www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=44 and www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?id=314 respectively to download copies for distribution in your area.

* The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
(OCHA) has recently released an extremely informative, four-page report on the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.  You can access a PDF version of this report at http://ochaonline.un.org/DocView.asp?DocID=2011



Don’t forget to list your local events on our online calendar. Submit your postings to www.endtheoccupation.org/calendar_input.php

National Events

* October 7-24: Various venues
“Jerusalem Women Speak: Three Faiths, Three Religions, One Shared Vision” tour will stop in venues in California, Seattle, Chicago and Washington, DC. For more information about the tour schedule visit www.partnersforpeace.org, call 202-863-2951, or email info@partnersforpeace.org

* October 15-17: Duke University, Durham, NC
4th Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement. For more information and to register for the conference visit www.palestineconference.com

* October 22-23: University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Sabeel Conference Hope for the Holy Land: Toward a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel. For more information and to register visit www.fosna.org

* October 22-23: Metropolitan United Methodist Church, Washington, DC
The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) 6th International Conference Holy Land Christians: Rooted in Bonds of Peace. For more information and to register visit www.hcef.org/hcef/index.cfm/eventid/162/ID/23.cfm or call 301-951-9400.



* December 16-30: Holy Land Trust, Hiking Tour Through Israel, Jordan and Palestine “In the Steps of the Magi-A Christmas Pilgrimage to Bethlehem.” Registration deadline is November 16th. Those who register before October 30th will receive a complimentary DVD or video cassette of “Journey of the Magi.” For more information and to register visit www.hlttravel.org


Occupation End Notes is the US Campaign bi-monthly newsletter designed as a tool for activists. For this newsletter to be successful, we need your participation. Use us to promote events, give feedback on recent actions, recommend resources, or just learn from other activists in the movement. If you or your organization are planning an event aimed at ending the occupation, or you have information for the Newsletter, please contact the US Campaign at outreach@endtheoccupation.org


The US Campaign aims to change US policies that sustain Israel’s 37-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and deny equal rights for all.

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