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Steering Committee Elections

Steering Committee nominations are due BEFORE the National Organizers' Conference, and ballots, nominee information, and statements will be printed BEFORE the conference and distributed with the registration packet.

If you miss the nomination deadline, Friday, September 11, you may still nominate someone at the conference, but your candidate’s name will not be on the ballot or printed materials. However space will be provided for write-in candidates nominated at the conference. 

Candidates not up for reelection must attend the conference in order to run.

Steering Committee Member Duties 

The Steering Committee (SC) is an active board that works in tandem with US Campaign staff to forward the work and mission of the organization. SC members serve three-year terms. 

Responsibilities of the SC: 
  • Attend two SC face-to-face meetings annually in DC
  • Attend the annual National Organizers' Conference (and a brief meeting directly thereafter) 
  • Participate in monthly 90-minute conference calls 
  • Serve on one or more SC committees (personnel, strategic planning, etc) 
  • Fundraising and financial oversight  

Travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the individual SC members.

Nominating Procedures and Deadline

You may nominate yourself or a member of your organization as long as your organization is in good standing for 2015. SC members serve as individuals and not as representatives of their organization. 

Contact Ramah Kudaimi at membership@endtheoccupation.org or 202-332-0994 for a nomination form or if you have any questions. 

The nomination process will close on Friday, September 11, 2014. Elections will take place during the conference, September 25-27, and results will be announced Sunday, September 27 during the closing session.