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Help Multiply Victories Like Presbyterian Divestment!


With ever more tragic events unfolding in Israel/Palestine, it has never been more urgent to work to end U.S. complicity in Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

US Campaign staff, steering committee, and coalition members hard at work take a selfie just hours before the vote.

Less than two weeks ago, I sat side-by-side with US Campaign National Organizer Anna Baltzer as my church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), took decisive actions toward a just peace in Israel/Palestine: voting to divest from the Israeli occupation, directing a study to reconsider the Church's official endorsement of only a two-state solution, and affirming the need for equal rights among all Palestinians and Israelis.

We know that these decisions alone will not bring an immediate end to the bloodshed. But we still celebrate these groundbreaking victories knowing that, joined with similar milestone actions nationwide and worldwide, they are part of a greater struggle that will someday bring the inevitable end to Israel's occupation and apartheid policies.

Essential to the PC(USA)'s victories was a strong coalition of partners, including, especially, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. As a member of the advocacy team for PC(USA)'s Israel/Palestine Mission Network's (IPMN) -- a proud US Campaign member -- I worked for months alongside the US Campaign's tireless staff before, during, and after the General Assembly. I experienced first-hand the tremendous strategic and organizational support offered by the US Campaign to member groups, knowing that IPMN is only one of hundreds that benefit.

Will you help secure the US Campaign's ongoing support for member groups and campaigns like ours by making a contribution today?

The New York Times captured our collective excitement when divestment passed.

The US Campaign worked to center Palestinian voices in the campaign with key resources and partnerships. They highlighted and built on intersectionality with legislation against drones and for divestment from fossil fuels and for-profit prisons. More than anything else, the US Campaign staff empowered and foregrounded the people and organizations they worked with, listening and showing deep respect for the needs and wishes of not just IPMN but also the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, the Michigan Coalition for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, American Muslims for Palestine, the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, and many others who took part.

Without a doubt, the US Campaign's coalition work was essential to the victories. But the manner in which the US Campaign worked throughout the campaign served to not only positively influence the outcome but also to enhance each of our organizations and the individuals within. On the ground, National Organizer Anna Baltzer's unobtrusive, supportive style allowed us to strengthen our own strategy, messaging, and organizing. Personally, I know that the US Campaign brought strengths out in me that I did not know I had.

But this type of intensive support is only possible when people like you help make it happen. Will you give $20, $50, or more today to help sustain and multiply the work of the US Campaign?

The US Campaign did not just help secure victories for the PC(USA); it strengthened and expanded the larger movement to end the occupation and ensure freedom, justice, and equality for all.

With the ongoing, worsening atrocities in Palestine day after day, we desperately need the voices and actions of a strong coalition to work to end U.S. complicity in Israel's violations of Palestinian rights.

It took us ten years to secure divestment. Please join me in taking a moment to give $10, $20, $50, or more to build the movement and ensure many future victories to come.

Anna Baltzer
Robert Ross
  Chair of Advocacy, Steering Committee,
  Israel-Palestine Mission Network

P.S. Right now, the US Campaign is organizing grassroots, national support for us amidst the tremendous backlash we are facing. Will you add your voice too