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ACTION ALERT: No Hipster Apartheid!

February 26th, 2015

No Hipster ApartheidDid you hear that renowned festival South by Southwest (SXSW) -- an international mecca for artists, innovators, and hipsters -- is planning to host a series of "Israel-centric" tech events sponsored by the Government of Israel billing it as a "Land of Creation," "Startup Nation," and "Small Country, Big Ideas"? Events like these are part of the "Brand Israel" propaganda campaign designed to market Israel as a technologically modern and culturally sophisticated nation in order to improve its image abroad and counter worldwide outrage over its massacres and apartheid policies targeting the Palestinian people.

Will you join artists and member groups in Austin, Texas appealing to festival organizers to refuse to help whitewash Israel's war crimes? Click here to add your name to the petition, Keep SXSW Creative, Not Criminal: No Hipster Apartheid!

No Hipster ApartheidClick on the spoof above to sign the petition.

As Israeli Foreign Ministy's deputy director general for cultural affairs explained in 2009, "[Israeli exhibits are sent overseas to] show Israel's prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war." Ido Aharoni, Head of "Brand Israel" and Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs 2007-2010 explained the intention to "[reposition] Israel away from an image of a country in a state of war and conflict to a brand which represents positive values and ideals like 'building the future,' 'vibrant diversity' and 'entrepreneurial zeal.'" The Reut Institute, an influential Israeli think tank, has stressed that Brand Israel should focus particularly on progressive "hubs" in the West, making cities like Austin the perfect setting. 

"Israel: Land of Creation"... Or Land of Apartheid? "Small Country, Big Ideas?"... More like Big Propaganda!

SXSW has nurtured creativity and revolutionary thinking for decades. 
Please sign today to make sure it does not lend its platform to Israel's propaganda efforts.

And after signing, please click to share the petition on Facebook and Twitter too!