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Join the Twitter Storm

DIG airs Thursdays starting March 5 at 10pmET/9pmCT on USA Network. Tweet every week before and during the show to highlight the show's complicity in Israel's war crimes, especially in East Jerusalem. 

Tweet using #DigDeeper and @DIGonUSA, @NBCUniversal, @jasonsfolly, @AnneHeche, @AlisonSudol, @OriPfeffer, and @TimKring.

Click on the tweets below to automatically send them. You can also post on DIG's official Facebook page. 

  • #DigDeeper to discover truth about Israel's military occupation of E Jerusalem whitewashed by @DIGonUSA: http://bit.ly/1Gx5Oo6

  • 200,000 Israeli settlers live in E Jerusalem on land stolen from Palestinians: http://bit.ly/1Gx5Oo6 #DigDeeper

  • Since 1967, 15,000 Palestinians have had their Jerusalem residency revoked by Israel to "Judaize" non-Jewish areas: http://bit.ly/1GKfnn2

  • What does @DIGonUSA hide? East Jerusalem is Palestinian city under Israeli military occupation for 47 yrs: http://bit.ly/1GKfnn2 #DigDeeper

  • Watch exclusive behind the scenes clip of @DIGonUSA: http://bit.ly/17VdXY0 #DigDeeper

  • #DigDeeper and discover illegal Jewish-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land: http://bit.ly/1Ejhs8y

  • Why are human rights activists protesting @DIGonUSA? endtheoccupation.org/stopdig #DigDeeper

  • .@NBCUniversal Corporate complicity in Israel's occupation is a crime: http://bit.ly/1BaQ34U

  • #DigDeeper to discover $6.2 million grant to @NBCUniversal to whitewash Israeli war crimes: http://bit.ly/1BaQ34U

  • Are you concerned with @DIGonUSA cooperation with gov engaged in war crimes? http://bit.ly/1BaQ34U @jasonsfolly @AnneHeche #DigDeeper

  • In 2014 @DIGonUSA Israeli partners demolished 136 Palestinian homes in occupied E Jerusalem, displacing 189 children #DigDeeper

  • If nothing wrong with @DIGonUSA, why did @NBCUniversal lie about filming locations? http://bit.ly/18UK4Ip #DigDeeper

  • #DigDeeper to Uncover Israel's 47 year occupation of Palestinian land including E Jerusalem: http://bit.ly/1iJWMuF

  • How was meeting pro-settlement Israeli minister Naftali Bennett? @jasonsfolly @AnneHeche @AlisonSudol @TimKring http://bit.ly/18UK4Ip

  • While @DIGonUSA was filming, its partner the Israeli government killed 500 Palestinian children in Gaza #DigDeeper

  • How was being in Jerusalem as Palestinians commemorated 47 yrs living under Israeli military occupation? @jasonsfolly @AnneHeche #DigDeeper

  • While @DIGonUSA was being filmed, Palestinians in Gaza were unable to escape Israeli bombing because they are under siege #DigDeeper

  • Israeli war crimes in E Jerusalem include illegal settlements, home demolitions, and stripping Palestinians of residency rights #DigDeeper

  • Israel uses archaeological digs in Jerusalem to further deny Palestinian rights in the city: http://bit.ly/1AisHbb #DigDeeper

  • 35% of land in East Jerusalem, a Palestinian city, has been confiscated for Israeli settlement use: http://bit.ly/1Gx5Oo6 #DigDeeper
You can also post these memes on your social media networks. Just click on an image, right click to save it, and then upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram. Remember to use #DigDeeper when posting.