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Join the Twitter Storm

The Israel events at SXSW are happening March 15-16, 2015 and we need your help to make it clear whitewashing Israeli war crimes in wrong. 

Tweet using #NoHipsterApartheid, #SXSW, and #Israeltech. Tweet @sxsw, @Hugh_W_Forrest, and @kate710. 

Click on the tweets below to automatically send them. You can also post on SXSW's official Facebook page.

  • #SXSW Israel: Small Country, Big Ideas or Israel: Small Country, Big Destruction? #NoHipsterApartheid

  • Israel: Land of Creation or Land of Oppression & Apartheid? #Israeltech #NoHipsterApartheid

  • “Brand Israel” showcases scientific & technological achievements to whitewash war crimes @Hugh_W_Forrest #SXSW

  • Israel systematically suppresses Palestinian attempts to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors #Israeltech #SXSW

  • More than 6,000 people called on @sxsw to cancel Brand Israel events #NoHipsterApartheid #SXSW

  • Why is #SXSW collaborating with government that killed 500 children this past summer? @Hugh_W_Forrest @kate710

  • Why are human rights activists protesting @sxsw? http://bit.ly/1x2adjr #Palestine

  • Palestinian rights activists are saying #NoHipsterApartheid at #SXSW: http://bit.ly/1x2adjr

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