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What Would You Do #With3Billion?

by Josh Ruebner, Policy Director
April 8th, 2015

Join Our Tax Day Campaign to End Military Aid to Israel

Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing is certain in life “except death and taxes.”  US taxpayers give Israel more than $3 billion in military aid each year. As was demonstrated so horrifically last summer during Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip, our taxes fund Israel’s killing of Palestinian civilians.

National Organizer Anna Baltzer.

As Tax Day approaches, please take a few minutes to join our new social media campaign #With3Billion. Tell us how you’d spend $3 billion instead of arming Israel using the hashtag #With3Billion (make your own sign or download our template) and then post a picture or short video to our Tumblr.

We’ll take the best of your submissions and compile them into a video which we’ll release on April 15 to educate the public about the need to end military aid to Israel. 

To have your entry considered for our video, please submit it by Friday, April 10In addition, you can also help us build our campaign to end military aid to Israel by:

Signing our petition to President Obama calling on him to sanction Israel as part of his planned “reassessment” of US-Israel relations. Already more than 10,000 people have signed. Help us double that number today by signing and sharing

“Offsetting” your taxes in military aid to Israel. Did you know that the average taxpayer gives roughly $21 in weapons to Israel each year? Make a tax-deductible donation to the US Campaign to “offset” these taxes. Your generous donation will go toward this educational campaign.

Learn more about the economic trade-offs of providing Israel with military aid on our website aidtoisrael.org and learn more about the weapons we provide Israel on our website weaponstoisrael.org. And be sure to check out our policy paper making the legal, political and moral case for ending this military aid.

Thanks so much for taking part in our new social media campaign #With3Billion and submitting your picture or video


Josh Ruebner, 
Policy Director