ACTION ALERT: Susiya could be destroyed any minute

by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
July 17th, 2015

Susiya could be gone by Monday. Act Now.

Today is Eid, marking the end of Ramadan, which should be a day of celebration for Muslims worldwide. But the villagers of Susiya, a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills, were informed that their small village will be demolished for the second time, at the end of Ramadan. 

Two years ago, I visited Susiya and was moved to tears by the kindness and steadfastness of the villagers who welcomed us and broke bread with us, families that have been on that land for generations in spite of ongoing attacks by the Israeli army and settlers. 

[[First_Name]], there is literally no time to waste. Susiya could be gone by Monday. Please take a moment to act now to show your solidarity with Susiya and help prevent its destruction. There are several things you can do: 

Sign this letter to Secretary of State John Kerry organized by member group Jewish Voice for Peace, asking him to intervene.

Take Action on Social Media! 

  • Share these #SaveSusiya memes
  • Add your support to the Thunderclap and take part in the #SaveSusiya Twitterstorm Sunday, July 19 at 5pm ET
  • "Like" Susiya Forever on Facebook

The Rebuilding Alliance is mapping support for Susiya. Add your voice here!

California Representative Anna Eshoo and 8 other members of Congress sent a powerful letter to Kerry, and the State Department urged Israeli authorities not to demolish. Thank the signatories (listed below), and you can still ask your representative to contact the State Department and Israeli embassy. Find contact information for your representative here.

Thank you for taking action during this critical time. 

P.S. Was your representative one of these signatories to the Eshoo letter? Thank them now!

  • California 18 (Silicon Valley) - Rep. Anna Eshoo
  • California 24 (Santa Barbara) - Rep. Lois Capps
  • Illinois 1 (Chicago) - Rep. Bobby Rush
  • Indiana 7 (Indianapolis) - Rep. Andre Carson
  • Maine 1 (Portland) - Rep. Pingree
  • Massachusetts 2 (Western Mass) - Rep. McGovern 
  • Michigan 13 (Detroit) - Rep. Conyers
  • Minnesota 5 (Twin Cities) - Rep. Keith Ellison 
  • Washington 7 (Seattle) - Rep. McDermott