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Congress Holds BDS Hearing…With No Palestinians!

by Josh Ruebner, Policy Director
August 6th, 2015

Take Action: Tell Congress to Hold Pro-BDS Hearing

Member group Code Pink supporting BDS on Capitol Hill. Tell Congress: Hold Pro-BDS Hearing.

Last month, Congress held its first-ever hearing on the Palestinian civil society-led campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and corporations which profit from its oppression of Palestinians.

Guess what? Congress didn’t bother to invite a single Palestinian BDS organizer to speak about the movement. In fact, Congress didn’t call a single witness who supported BDS!

Please take a minute to sign our petition to Congress expressing your support for BDS and calling for a second pro-BDS hearing.

We need to send a strong signal to Congress that there is a huge amount of support for BDS.

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Congress could have heard from the Palestinian BDS National Committee on the global impact of BDS, or the president of the American Studies Association on its support for the academic boycott of Israel, or the head of the United Church of Christ on its decision to divest from corporations which profit from Israeli occupation. 

Instead, Congress chose to call anti-BDS witnesses, such as the CEO of SodaStream International, a company based in an illegal Israeli settlement, which is one of the primary corporate targets of BDS campaigns.  He actually passed out settlement product gift bags to fellow panelists and Congressional staff before the hearing!

What a farce. Can you imagine if Congress held its first hearing on the global BDS campaign against apartheid South Africa and invited defenders of the regime to trash it? Would anyone take such a hearing seriously without the participation of the African National Congress and its supporters in the United States such as the Free South Africa Movement?

Yet this is exactly what Congress did last month when it came to the Palestinian BDS movement. More details about the absurdity of this hearing are in this article I wrote for The Hill, one of the most prominent Capitol Hill publications read by Members of Congress and their staff. 

Please take a moment to read, comment on and share this article. 

And don’t forget to please sign our petition to Congress asking for a second pro-BDS hearing.

Thank you for taking action.

Josh Ruebner
Policy Director

PS: Member groups of the US Campaign—American Muslims for Palestine, Code Pink, and Jewish Voice for Peace—attended this hearing with us to show their support for BDS and are joining us in this petition campaign.