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Going Back to Atlanta, Stronger than Ever!

by Josh Ruebner, Policy Director
September 4th, 2015

Join Us for Our National Conference in Atlanta, September 25-27

Delegates present a proposal to focus BDS efforts against CAT at last Atlanta conference.

I canít believe itís already been ten years since we had our last national conference in Atlanta. That conference took place just a few weeks after more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations issued their historic call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, a call which we immediately and enthusiastically supported. 

At the conference, we adopted a proposal to focus our BDS efforts on Caterpillar, a corporation profiting from Israelís demolition of Palestinian homes. We held a panel linking the struggle for Palestinian rights with those against racism and the prison-industrial complex here at home. And we debated ways to hold our politicians accountable for their complicity in underwriting Israelís oppressive policies. 

I am so excited to return to Atlanta for our 14th annual national conference, September 25-27, because the discussions, plans and vision from that conference ten years ago are bearing fruit in remarkable ways today. 

A decade ago, who would have thought it possible for us to be a part of pressuring a multinational corporation like Veolia to pull out from all of its contracts supporting Israelís occupation? 

Could we have imagined that more than 1,000 Black activists, intellectuals and artists would issue this amazing statement of solidarity with Palestine? 

Ten years ago, would a Member of Congress have criticized Israelís ďbrutal system of occupation that devalues and dehumanizes Palestinian childrenĒ as Rep. Betty McCollum did after we brought to Capitol Hill the father of Nadeem Nawarah, a Palestinian child killed by Israel? 

Letís not kid ourselvesóweíve still got a ton of work to do before we end US support for Israelís apartheid policies toward Palestinians. But letís also step back from the day-to-day atrocities of Israelís policies and recognize that today we are stronger than ever!

And weíve got an incredible conference lined up to showcase our growing strength and build on our momentum. Come and learn from terrific activists like Ruby Sales of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Ahmad Abuznaid of Dream Defenders, and Patrisse Cullors of #BlackLivesMatter to name just a few. 

But this conference is not just about hearing from inspirational speakers. Itís also about being part of these interactive workshops to build campaigns to advance our work and network with and learn from activists from all over the country. 

If you havenít registered yet, I know youíve been thinking about it. Donít delay any longer, register today because space is filling up quickly and you donít want to miss what promises to be a stirring conference. 

And whether you plan to attend the conference or not, please help Steering Committee co-chair Felicia Eaves hit her goal of raising $10,000 so that we can subsidize the conference for all those who need a little help to make it.  

Hope to see you in Atlanta in a few weeks!