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Take Action: Israel's Huge Reward for the Iran Deal?

by Josh Ruebner, Policy Director
September 16th, 2015

Help Stop $45 Billion of Weapons to Israel!

Israel and its supporters in the US tried everything they could to defeat President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Fortunately, they failed and peace and diplomacy won!

But now Congress is planning on rewarding Israel by authorizing the transfer of ďmassive ordnance penetratorsĒ and other advanced weaponry needed for an Israeli attack on Iran.

If you agree that this is a terrible idea, then sign our petition at: NoWeapons4Israel.org

On top of that, President Obama has also indicated the US is prepared to sign a new 10-year deal to give Israel as much as $45 billion more in US taxpayer-funded weapons.

These weapons are routinely used by Israel to injure and kill Palestinian civilians and destroy Palestinian homes and infrastructure, in violation of US law.   

We just avoided a potential war with Iran. Why would we now give Israel the weapons it needs to start a war with Iran and more weapons to continue oppressing the Palestinian people?

Sign this petition to President Obama telling him #NoWeapons4Israel.

The White House announced last week that President Obama will be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in November. That gives us less than two months to mobilize opposition before a deal might be signed! 

Sign the petition today to help demonstrate the huge grassroots opposition that we know exists to rewarding Israel for the Iran nuclear deal before it's too late.

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Earlier this month, Netanyahu visited London to be greeted with protests and the demand by more than 100,000 British citizens that their government arrest him for war crimes.      

Weíre pretty confident that we can get as least as many Americans to demand that the US stop funding Israelís atrocities against Palestinians.Tell the president today: #NoWeapons4Israel

Providing Israel with more weapons will deepen our complicity in its oppression of Palestinians. As Vice President Joe Biden recently acknowledged, 20 percent of Israelís entire military budget is paid for by US taxpayers

Enough is enough. Please sign our petition today.

We are launching what will hopefully become a massive campaign with Defense for Children International Palestine, Grassroots International, WarIsACrime.org, World Beyond War, Code Pink, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, RootsAction.org, and American Muslims for Palestine.

Would your organization like to be a part of this campaign? Let us know

Thank you for taking action.


Josh Ruebner
Policy Director

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PPS: For more information, see:

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